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Monday, August 13, 2007

Cinematography minister Anam Ram Narayan Reddy felicitated

t has been the tradition of Telugu film industry to felicitate the minister of Cinematography. Industry felicitated M Satyanarayana Rao earlier. Now it is the turn of Anam Ram Narayan Reddy. This function is attended by Dasari, Maganti Babu, K Raghavendra Rao, D Rama Naidu, G Adiseshagiri Rao, Ramesh prasad, MS Reddy, DVS Raju, Venkatesh, Nagababu, C Kalyan, KS Rama Rao, Ashok Kumar, Tammareddy Bharadwaja, R Narayana Murthy etc. R Narayana Murthy said, “I would like to suggest a three point formula. First one is to abolish rental systems in cinema halls. Second one is to abolish tax on small films and the third one is restricting big films our increasing ticket price for the first two months.”

Speaking on the occasion dasari said, “Telugu film industry enjoys the best tax exemptions compared to the other states. Janardhan Reddy and Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy worked a lot towards to the welfare of Telugu film industry. YS Rajasekhara Reddy has been granting whatever we asked for. Slab system was abolished and a separate court was set up to piracy. Government is willing to help. But are we using the help in a constructive way? The plight of small film producers is very bad. The number of dubbing films are more than the number of straight films. Our state is so bad that we are buying a dubbing film for 15 crores. I will request the CM to reduce tax on small films.” Responding to it, Anam Ram Narayan Reddy said, “I never give important to felicitations. YS Rajasekhar Reddy gave us instructions that we should stay away from felicitations and do our duty diligently. It is been just three months since I became minister of cinematography. I have been learning more about the problems in film industry. Telugu film industry got separate identity after shifting from Chennai to Hyderabad. Congress government had always been the frontrunner in helping film industry. Government implemented a separate piracy law. Government is losing revenue to the tune of 1000 crores an year by abolishing slab system. I will try my best to make sure that Telugu film industry receives all possible support from the government.” The industry also gave a memento to another minister Maganti Babu.


Yamadonga in Australia & New Zealand

Yamadonga in Australia & New Zealand




Chinatown Cinema 200 Bourke St Melbourne

Fri 17 Aug,
7 : 30 PM
Sat 18 Aug
7 : 30 PM
Sun 19 Aug
7 : 30 PM
Mon 20 Aug
7 : 30 PM

0433 820 701
0421 718 928

Greater Union Cinema Parramatta / Burwood

Fri 24 Aug
8:30 PM
Sat 25 Aug
8:30 PM
Sun 26 Aug
6:00 PM
Sun 27 Aug
8:30 PM

0404 136 373
0403 551 984

Schonell Theatre University of Queensland

Sat 8 Sep
4:30 PM

0413 799 146

Greater Union Cinema Arndale

Sun 9 Sep
1:30 PM

Nageswar Rao
0403 480 855

Distributors- Superhit Movies (Ramark Group) www.superhit.com.au

YAMADONGA 'n' ATHIDI in Australia & NewZealand by Ramark Group
Superhit Movies ‘Ramark Group’ confirms YAMADONGA & ATHIDI for Australia & NewZealand. YAMADONGA is a socio-fantasy entertainer and comes with the deadly combination of Junior NTR and SS Rajamouli.

Prince Mahesh and Bollywood star Amrita Rao with dynamic director Surrender Reddy in ATHIDI. Interested parties to screen movies in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra and NewZealand contact
Rama on 0433 820 701
Narayan on 0421 718 928

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Rajamouli's Yamadonga - USA Schedules

S.S.Rajamouli's Yamagonda with NTR and Mohanbabu watch on the big Screen. for the screening at your town pls contact Raman Sanchula., (408) 464-4788, Uday (732) 476-9246

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USA Schedules :

San Jose, CA

1433 The Alameda
San Jose, CA
(408) 603-4700

Aug 15th Wed: 9pm
Aug 16th Thu: 6pm, 9pm
Aug 17th Fri: 4.30pm, 6pm, 8pm, 11.15pm
Aug 18th Sat: 1pm, 4:30pm, 8.00pm, 9.30pm, 11:15pm
Aug 19th Sun: 1pm, 4.30pm, 6:30pm, 8:00pm
Aug 20th Mon: 5pm, 8pm
Aug 21st Tue: 5pm, 8pm
Aug 22nd Wed: 5pm, 8pm
Aug 23rd Thu: 5pm, 8pm

Harinath Chikoti
(650) 776-1203
(408) 465-0314

Detroit, MI
Indian Movie Theatres -
29514 Seven Mile Road,
Livonia, MI - 48152

Aug 15th Wed: 7pm
Aug 16th Thu: 7pm
Aug 17th Fri: 6.30pm, 9.30pm
Aug 18th Sat: 12.30pm, 3.30pm, 6.30pm, 9.30pm
Aug 19th Sun: 1pm, 4pm, 7pm
Aug 20th Mon: 7pm
Aug 21st Tue: 7pm
Aug 22nd Wed: 7pm

IMT - 248-476-9640
Rama - 248-250-3712

New Jercy, NJ
Globalmoviecenter (GMC)
360-394 Springfield Avenue
Newark, NJ 07103

Wed 15th, TBA
Thu 16th, TBA
Fri 17th, 6 pm , 9pm, 10:30pm
Sat 18th 12:00pm, 3:00pm, 6:00pm, 9:00pm
Sun 19th, 12:00pm, 3:00pm, 6:00pm, 9:00pm
Mon 20th, 8:30 P.M
Tue 21st , 8:30 PM

Satish Musunuri
Harish Sajja

Dallas, TX
Touring Talkies @
Hollywood Theaters,
8505 Walton Blvd,
Irving, TX,

Aug 15th Wed: 8pm
Aug 16th Thu: 1pm,4.15pm, 8pm
Aug 17th Fri: 1:00 PM 5:00 PM 9:30 PM
Aug 18th Sat: 2:30 PM 6:00 PM 9:30 PM
Aug 19th Sun: 2:30 PM 6:00 PM 9:30 PM
Aug 20th Mon:1:00PM 4:15 PM 8:00 PM
Aug 21st Tue: 1:00PM 4:15 PM 8:00 PM
Aug 22nd Wed: 1:00PM 4:15 PM 8:00 PM
Aug 23rd Thu: 1:00PM 4:15 PM 8:00 PM

Manohar Reddy
Mahipal Reddy

Virginia, VA
Arlington Blvd., Arlington VA 22042)

Aug 15th - 8:00PM
Aug 16th -8:00PM
Aug 17th -6:00PM & 9:15PM
Aug 18th -1:00PM, 5:15PM & 9:15PM

Vijay Reddy

Maryland, VA
Armstrong St,
LAUREL, MD 20708

Aug 19th - 1:45PM, 5:15PM & 9:15PM
Aug 20th -
Aug 21st -

Vijay Reddy

Richmond, VA
Commonwealth Centre Pkwy,
Midlothian, VA 23112-2645

Sat Aug 18th 10:00 AM
Sun Aug 18th
10:00 AM


Galaxy Cinema
770 Cary Towne Blvd
Cary,NC 27511


Aug 16th Thu: 9-00 pm
Aug 17th Fri:
Aug 18th Sat:
6:00pm, 9.30 pm

Vijay Reddy

Atlanta, GA
Peachtree Cinemas,
1635 Peachtree Pkwy,
Norcross, GA 30092

Aug 15th Wed:8-30 pm
Aug 16th Thu:8-30 pm
Aug 17th Fri: 9-00 pm, 10-30 pm
Aug 18th Sat:1:00,4:00,7:00,10:00 pm
Aug 19th Sun:1:00,4:00,7:00,10:00 pm
Aug 20th Mon:1:00,4:00,7:00,10:00 pm
Aug 21st Tue: 1:00,4:00,7:00,10:00 pm
Aug 22nd Wed: 1:00,4:00,7:00,10:00 pm

(404) 395-1318

Minneapolis, MN
5810 Shingle Creek Pkwy
Brooklyn Center
- 55430

Aug 17th Fri: 9-00 pm
Aug 18th Sat:4:00
; 9:00 pm
Aug 19th Sun:1:00 pm

Vijay Beeram

Chicago, IL
Des Plaines
1476 Miner St
De Plaines, IL

Aug 15th Wed: 8:00 pm
Aug 16th Thu: 8:00 pm
Aug 17th Fri: 7:00 pm, 10:00pm
Aug 18th Sat:1:00pm, 4:00 , 7:00 pm, 10pm
Aug 19th Sun:2:00 pm, 5pm

Naga Seshu

St. Louis
Wehrenberg DesPeres 14 Cine
12800 Manchester Rd
, Des Peres MO

Aug 15th Wed 8:00PM
August 17th Fri 9:00PM
August Sat, 18th 3:00PM
& 9:00PM

Srini 636 3467301
TJ 314 7570864

Kansas City , KS
(Glenwood Arts
9575 Metcalf Overland Park, KS 66212

Thursday 16Th Aug 7:00 PM

Memphis, TN
(Forest Hill Cinema 8 Germantown, TN 38138

15th, Aug (Wed)@ 7:15pm


Memphis, TN
(Hollywood 20 cinemas,
Stage Rd)

16th, Aug (Thu) 7:15PM

@ 901-240-KANT

Columbus, OH
The Screens at The Continent
6360 Busch Blvd
Columbus, OH 43229

Premier Show on Aug 15th @ 8pm
Aug 17th 2007
Fri 9:00pm
Aug 18th 2007
Sat 9:00pm

Sridhar Kesani
Rajesh Chitapalli

Cleveland, OH
Hickory Ridge Cinemas
1055 Pearl Road
Brunswick, OH 44212

Aug 18th 2007 Sat- 2pm

Sridhar Kesani
Rajesh Chitapalli

Cincinnati, OH
Danbarry Cincinnati Mills theater
601 Cincinnati Mills Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45240

Aug19th 2007 Sun -2pm

Sridhar Kesani
Rajesh Chitapalli

Dayton, OH
, OH 45430

Aug 19th 2007 Sun – 6pm

Sridhar Kesani
Rajesh Chitapalli

Mobile, AL

AUG 15(WED) AT 9:30PM

(504) 915-9089

Birmingham, AL

AUG 16 (THU) AT 7:00PM

(504) 915-9089

Baton Rouge, LA

AUG 17Tth (FRI) 9.30 PM

(504) 915-9089

New Orleans, LA

AUGUST 18 (SAT) 9:45PM

(504) 915-9089

Huntsville, AL

AUGUST 20 (MON) 7:00M

(504) 915-9089

Montgomerry, AL

AUGUST 21 (TUE) 7:00PM

(504) 915-9089

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Yamadonga with 13 prints in 25 centers in USA

Press Release :

Yamadonga USA Release on Aug 15th with 13 Prints 25 Theaters and More than 151 shows

It is our pleasure to announce that YAMADONGA movie is releasing in USA on Aug 15th with highest number of prints for Jr NTR movie till date.
Yamadonga is releasing in USA with 13 prints 25 theaters and more than 151 shows for the first week.

Yamadonga is a socio-fantasy entertainer that is going prestigious for various aspects. Yamadonga comes from the combination that delivered super hits like Student No.1 and Simhadri. SS Ramamouli directed the film and MM Keeravani scored music. Mohan Babu played the role of Lord Yama.


Hit Edii......Andariki?

What's common between Chiranjeevi, Nandamuri Balakrishna, Pawan Kalyan, NTR and Prabhas? Well, they are big stars and have huge fan following. Apart from that they have one common feature among them - they need 'one big hit' badly.

Except for Allu Arjun and Venktesh, almost all the heroes in MAA (Movie Artistes Association) including Uday Kiran, Tarun, Kalyan Ram, Tarakratna also need 'one hit'.

'Bhari' Vijayamedi?

When the last time was that Chiranjeevi or NBK delivered blockbuster? Tagore was Chiru's last big hit. Since Narasinha Naidu, none of NBK films became a blockbuster. Though Chiru and NBK got Shankardada MBBS and Lakshmi Narasinha respectively, they are moderate winners but not super hits that make their fans smiling. For NBK, Okka Magadu is the hope. All his recent films were disasters.

Chiranjeevi's latest release, Shankardada Zindabad, also failed to boost the morale.


Same goes with Pawan Kalyan and NTR. Pawan and NTR have been trying hard to get one blockbuster to change their luck for a long time. NTR himself admitted at the audio release function of Yamdonga. "After Simhadri, none of my films made my fans happy. Raakhi was appreciated. I am confident that with Yamadonga, I end my flops galore," he openly said.

After, Simhadri NTR's Allari Ramudu (average) Andhrawala, Sambha (average film), Narasinhudu, Ashok and Raakhi came and gone without giving him a respite.

Fans and industry members and everyone expect that Yamadonga brings him that much-needed success and puts the break to the flops. We wish him all the best.

Khushi Eppudu?

So is the case with Pawan Kalyan. After the phenomenal success of Khushi, success has been eluding him. Johnny was biggest disaster in his career. From then, his flops continued with Gudumbha Shankar, Balu, Bangaram and Annavaram. Of them, Annavaram is the only film that was an average to above grocer. Though all his flopped movies got excellent openings and fetched revenues, he didn't get that 'blockbuster'.

Now, he is working hard to do that ' 'Khushi' magic with his current film which is in the able hands of star writer-director Trivikram Srinivas. Trivikram brand of humor suits the Pawan's image, so everyone is hoping this would be a big hit. We wish both Pawan and Trivikram a good luck.

Success 'Varsham' karuvu

Young hero Prabhas travels on the same boat. After the massive hit, Chatrapathi, it has been dry spell for him. Pournami and Munna brought him down his 'rating'. That is why he has decided not to be hurry and do more films. Instead he is pinning all his hopes on Puri Jagannadh's next in which he has his lucky heroine Trisha and Bangalore model Sanjana.

Man'mohan'am kadu

Mohan Babu is still playing lead roles though he has accepted guest role in Yamadonga. After this, he is gearing up for another film as hero. But he has more flops to his kitty than other big heroes. If he wants to continue as hero, he immediately needs a success.

'Mass'ive hit ravali

Though Nag career doesn’t look bad, he too needs one big hit. Sri Ramadasu was good hit for him but his fans are low after the colossal flop of Boss. Fans are expecting another 'Mass'ive hit from Lawrence directed Don.

'Lakshmi' Varinchena!

Uday Kiran who is almost touched nadir with many flops is hoping to bounce back with Viyyalavari Kayyalu. He also hopes on Lakshmiputrudu. He was once most 'shining' star in tinsel town.


Tarun is another hero who desperately needs 'one success' just to be in the line. There is no smile on his lips with unabated flops. It Oh, my god, he has given so many flops that outweighed his earlier hits. We hope to see smile on his face again.

Chandamama ..Rave..Success Teve..

Navadeep is perhaps only hero in Telugu who has got so many offers as leading hero despite the fact that no film of his till date has been successful. From his maiden film, Jai, to the recent Poramboku, all his seven Telugu films bombed. His fortunes might change with Krishnavamsi's Chandamama. Hope for the better.


Nitin's first film was Jayam. It ran for 200 days. After that he did deliver some hits. But he soon drifted into flops galore. Film after the film went downhill and some of them ran into financial problems. For few months he went hiding. Now he is back with bang and signed three films. Will these three movies change his fortunes?

'Kalyana' Dasami?

Kalyan Ram gave two flops after Atanokkade. Will Vijaydasami bring him luck?

Q lo unnaru..

Manchu Manoj, Venu, Aryan Rajesh, Tarakratna (7 films, not a single hit) , Shivabalaji, etc are also in the queue to get right break. We hope by 2007, all the 'Maa'na heroes will get the success.

As one character in Krishnavamsi's Khadgam, says, "Okka Chance Ivvandi.." our heroes need one chance to bounce back. To smile again.

Yes, Okka Hit Kavaali!


Chiranjeevi on 3 week vacation

Chiranjeevi is leaving to London tonight on vacation. He would be away for the next three weeks. He would not be in India for his birthday and the audio of launch of his son Ram Charan Teja’s debut film Chiruta. The audio launch of Chiruta is going to be held in a low key. Chiranjeevi will be returning from London in the first week of September.


Mamata Mohandas dubs her voice

In the times when we have Telugu girls not able to dub their own voices, a non-Telugu heroine dubbed her voice in Telugu. Mamata Mohandas who became extremely popular as a singer with three songs (Rakhi, 36-24-36 and Aaakaleste) had dubbed her voice for her straight Telugu debut ‘Yamadonga’. Meera Jasmine earlier dubbed her voice in ‘Gudumba Shankar’ in the past.