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Monday, August 6, 2007

Charmi as Pinky

Charmi is donning the role of Pinky that has no tail. Yes, that is the name of veteran director Bapu's current film with heroine Charmi. Pinky..Tokaleni Monkey is the title under consideration for this film. Most probably this would be retained.

Charmi plays a perky and brat modern woman. The film is presently progressing at Vizag. Produced by C cube, the film has Naresh as hero.

Vidyasagar is providing the music. Mullapudi Venkataramana pens the dialogues. Veturi and Jonnavittula are providing the lyrics.


Chirutha speaks!

Chirutha's shooting is nearing end. Megastar Chiranjeevi's son Ram Charan Teja's maiden film is now ready to the hit the marquee in September. The unit is back from Bangkok where major part of the shooting is done. So far 75 per cent of shooting has been completed. A new schedule begins from August 3rd in Hyderabad and two songs will be canned in Australia.

Says Charan Teja: "We have almost completed the shooting. Will come to the front of the audinces in Septemeber." Charan who is looking very confident and relaxed after a hectic schedule attended a party on Wednesday night at FTV lounge in Hyderabad. He spoke to the media.

"My father is my inspiration. He is everything to me," he said. Charan Teja also said his sole aim is to keep his father's good name intact.

What is your acting Mantra?

Charan Teja: I want to be myself.

What is the best thing you enjoyed in your first film?

Charan Teja: Going to far away places and exotic desitnations where one normally doesn't go.

Your role model?

Charan Teja: My dad Chiranjeevi.

Suggestion to the youth?

Charan Teja: I am not great man to give suggestions.. But I can tell them to follow their heart.

Chirutha is produced by Ashwinidutt and directed by hotshot director Puri Jagannadh. Manisharma has scored the music. The audio will release this month end. Charan Teja has newcomer Neha Sharma as his co-star.


Exclusive Interview: Bharatiraja

Balachander. Bharatiraja. Balu Mahendra. The three B's of Tamil films have not only changed the course of Tamil Cinema but also influenced South Indian cinema in general and Telugu films in particular. They have also made a mark with thier Telugu films. Of them, Bharatiraja is still making films at regular intervals. He comes up with his new film, Kalidasu, starring Nana Patekar and Arjun. Shot in Hindi, the film also releases in Telugu and Tamil.

Ever since I was exposed to good cinema in my teens, I have been a great fan of Bharatiraja's movies. So when I got the chance to interview him on Wednesday (August 01, 2007), I didn't want lose the opportunity. But he was not inclined to give the interviews before the release of the film. Along with two other journalists from leading dailies, we tried hard to persuade him. He finally gave in. Here is a brief chitchat with him..

A Bharatiraja film is synonymous with rural dramas. What made you to shift your territory?

I agree that most of my films had set in rural milieu right from 16 Vayadhinilae (remade into Telugu as 16 Ella Vayasu by K Raghavendra Rao) to Seetakoka Chiluka to Aradhana. One also should remember that I also made very contemporary and urban films like Erra Gulabilu, Khaidi Veta and Tik Tik Tik. But this film, Kalidasu, is completely different to any of my past films. It is a film that treads a different path.

Kalidas deals with movie world. There is rumor that it is based on your life. Is it true?

No. It deals with a film director's life but it is not my story.

What made you to make this film in Hindi?

I have created a character that best suits Nana Patekar. So I have decided to make it in Hindi and later shoot simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil.

Can we expect a straight Telugu film from you again?

Sure. Infact, I am planning a straight Telugu film very soon. More details I will tell later.

What changes have you observed in the current Telugu Cinema from your days?

Earlier, Telugu films were very loud and the colors were bright. People used to criticize Telugu movies for not being subtle. But I genuinely feel now that there is not much difference to Telugu films and Tamil films at present thanks to the new breed of directors in Tollywood. The young blood changed everything and they are making very quality films.

Which is the Telugu film that you liked recently?

I saw Nuvvostanante Nenoddantanata and loved it very much. I sometimes catch the films on TV but don't recall names.

Who are the current directors in South India you like?

I can't segregate one person. Some are good at handling emotions, some are best at action films and some are at comedy. I like the current directors both in Telugu and Tamil.

Dasari Narayana Rao, K Vishwanath, Vamsi and Ram Gopal Varma had made films based on filmworld. How is Kalidasu different from them?

I don't think my film has any resemblances to their films. Speaking about Vamsi, I have fond memories of him. He is an intelligent 'boy' (sic). I remember when he made his film Sitara, I saw it in Madras and fell in love with it. He has great aesthetic visual sense. I called him immediately after watching Sitara and told him you are gem of a director.

Like Vamsi, you had fruitful association with Ilayaraja. When can we expect your combination again?

My next film is to have the musical score by him. Without Ilayaraja's scores, my films are nothing. We are great friends.

How was it working with Himesh Reshammiyya for this Kalidas?

He is talented music director. He knows the pulse of the today's generation. He has given extremely good songs. Ilayaraja’s style is different and his is different.

Do you think that in the globalization world, people would see a film based on rural themes?

Times have changed. Globalisation has made huge impact. Gone are the pattu pavada and in place came Jeans and Chudidhars. Shampoos are also being used rural folk. True that globalization has changed the world how we perceive but there are still many villages they are rooted in our tradition and culture. Even now the emotions are same. That is why films like NVNV (Telugu), Paruthiveeran, Thavamai Thavamirindhu (Tamil) became successful.

Today cost of production has increased enormously. Who would you blame for this - directors or producers?

I made 16 Vayadhinilae with Rs 5 Lakhs budget. But you can’t expect it now. I can't blame anyone in particular. Due to technical advancements, I believe, the cost of production is escalating. Unlike in our time, there is stiff competition now. Everything put together adds the expenditure.

You had also acted in Manirathnam's Yuva. Will you continue doing roles if offered?

(laughs). Mani is a good friend to him. When he asked could not say not him. But I am not that interested in acting.

What is your dream project?

I want to do a period film. It is titled Kutra Paramparai. The film is about the tribal notified as thieves by British in South India. It happened. It is a real story.

On retrospect, do you regret anything for not making a certain film?

Mmm.. I wish I had made a film that is known internationally. I missed that chance. Now I want to concentrate on that.



Exclusive Interview: Rajamouli

S.S. Rajamouli, the talented and successful director of a series of hits from Student No. 1 to Vikramarkudu, is ready to come up with a socio-fantasy for the first time with the film Yamadonga. As the film is getting ready for release, Rajamouli is busy with the editing, re-recording and other post-production work for the movie. Amidst the busy schedules, finally get a hold of him when he was in the recording theatre by interviewer.

Sri: Is the film a remake of the Yamagola of the past?

Rajamouli: The basic plot is inspired by old films like Devantakudu and Yamagola where the hero dies and goes to yamalOkam and comes back to the earth. That's it, the similarities end there! Rest of the story has nothing to do with films of the past.

Sri: You had worked with Jr. NTR for Student No. 1 and Simhadri in the past too. What difference have you seen in him after this gap, on the sets of Yamadonga.

Rajamouli: He proved himself as a complete actor by the time of Simhadri itself . As a person, he changed... I think age and other things brought him maturity. He is now more matured and cooler than before.

Sri: This is the first time you are doing a socio-fantasy film. So how did you prepare for the film? Where did you get the inspiration for visuals?

Rajamouli: The legendary Vijaya films like Paathaala Bhairavi, Jagadekaveeruni Katha are my primary sources of inspiration. Those films stirred the creative juices in my childhood itself. The artistes, their body language, dialogue delivery are all etched into my memory permanently. The visuals for our film, of course, are developed by Senthil, Rama, Anand Sai, Kanal Kannan, our SFX supervisor an me.

Sri: How did you made NTR to lose the flab?

Rajamouli: (Laughs) Not me. You should ask and appreciate him for that. When we planned to make a movie, we wanted to make a complete family-oriented film. For that, the hero should look glamorous. So, before we started the film, we sat with him and discussed on looks and getups. He was already in process of shedding some of his weight, and after the discussions, he worked harder, controlled his diet, stopped working on weights, and slimmed down. He loves good food, but he restrained himself a lot for this film.

Sri: How did you make Mohan Babu accept your film?

Rajamouli: When we planned the film, I had Mohan Babu gaaru and none else in my mind for this role, so much that I would have gone with a different project if he didn't accept the role! We went and approached him with the concept and narrated the story to him. He gladly agreed to do the film on one condition. While signing the film, he just said that he will be on sets with makeup five minutes before the scheduled time and will leave at the strike of six o' clock in the evening.

Sri: How was it to work with him? I mean, there are so many hearsays...

Rajamouli: I have not faced any problems, really! Before signing him, people warned me about his short temper, in fact. I worked with him for more than 37 days, and he was never in a foul mood ...nor was he late for the shoot ever! He was always in time and was always very jovial on the sets. However, unlike what we agreed upon, I never left him off free by 6:00 p.m. - not a single day! - but he was not at all upset. One day, after 8:30 p.m., he came to me and said that he'd stay back further to complete the scene that was planned to be done.

A wonderful person he is, he was generous in adjusting schedules, indeed! ...Actually, before his part of the shooting started, I asked Cherry to be on the sets while Mohan Babu gaari shooting was going on, so that he can take care of any issues that might rise. Seeing him and working with him on the first day itself, we found it unnecessary for Cherry to be on the sets for that purpose, and he was never on the sets after the first day, actually!

Sri: What kind of precautions did you take about his ornaments?

Rajamouli: As it's a socio-fantasy film and the role of the Yama appeared on silver screen many times in the past, we did not want to go for similar type of ornaments. We watched all the Yama-based films of the past and designed our own ornaments afresh. It took more than three months only to finalize Mohan Babu gaari getup for the film. We didn't like the designs the first couple of times, and we changed them again and again ...until they completely matched our thoughts!

Sri: The yamalOkam set seems very expensive!

Rajamouli: It was not all lavish from the beginning (laughs). See, in all the old films, except for the throne, most of the sets were tacky for yamalOkam. When we planned to erect a set, we wanted to have pillars which should go well with the throne, and a royal, palatial court to go with the pillar, ...we simply wanted a complete "set", and we erected one!

Sri: Don't you think such a huge set increases production costs?

Rajamouli: Yes, of course, the cost was increased, but it is the producer Cherry's money, not mine ...and he never complained about it!

Sri: I believe you're working in Ramoji Film City for the first time?

Rajamouli: True, this is my first at the RFC. To tell you the truth, I didn't have a good opinion on RFC earlier, but this film changed all my opinions on RFC. For example, the set we just spoke about would normally take three months for erection. Sekhar Babu gaaru, head of Mantrat at RFC and Kiran got us the set in less than half that time! The co-operation we got from the people in RFC is really amazing!

Sri: Mamatha was replaced a couple of times before this project in other films. And, anyway, why did you cast two heroines for the project?

Rajamouli: Regarding Mamatha's replacement in other projects in the past, I am never bothered about what projects one does before one does mine, what market one has, or anything of the sort. I only choose them if I think they suit the role, that's all, and so Mamatha is in! The film needs two heroines, and so we have them. I mean, they are not just here for the songs. The story's run itself needs two heroines.

Sri: I mean, I am curious to know where the heroines fit in the story that essentially revolves around NTR and Mohan Babu... and we already have three other celestial damsels.

Rajamouli: The film is a blend of both tracks - an entertaining track with Mohan Babu gaaru and NTR, and a love track between the hero and the heroines. And now, don't ask me more ! Watch the movie for the rest of the story (laughs).

Sri: The film apparently relies very much on the visuals. How are art and camera blended to throw a visual treat to the audience?

Rajamouli: Thinking of the big picture and having talented technicians was a key decision we made for our film. When we thought of creating periodic sets, we made sure we obtained visual references from the classic masterpieces. Anand Sai's yamalOkam set looked marvelous and was beyond our imagination. The set was designed on par with Hollywood standards. Senthil geared up with his lighting scheme and wanted to use soft lighting scheme matching the said standards. The set made me relax so much that I was concentrating on shot division until there was a dialogue between Senthil and Anand Sai about the lighting pattern.

Anand Sai was worried that Senthil's soft lighting scheme might not showcase the detailed artwork. There was a logical problem about enhancing the beauty of jewelry and set properties. Senthil, however, was persistent on his idea of using soft lighting. Senthil and I then worked on finding a solution about how our maestros managed to pull the hard task of projecting the glitter of the jewelry. With no advanced projection system in theatres using old techniques, it might be dominating the actors.

Senthil came up with a solution to make the stones shine on gold using regular household bare bulbs behind the camera, so that other lighting will not be affected but the stones studded in the ornaments are will still glitter. This is no rocket science to our cinematographers but this incident will remain memorable as it was conflicting with the work of my key talent - both of them lived up to their work while being creative. I really appreciate their working style on not compromising any element and still helping to drive towards a solution, while catering to my larger vision.

Sri: After Student No. 1, you have evolved as director in your way. There was hardly any influence of your guru K. Raghavendra Rao. But when we see the trailers of Yamadonga, we feel the influence of your guru (like he did for Jagadeka Veerudu-Atiloka Sundari). What are your comments on it?

Rajamouli: I am surprised that you found resemblances of Raghavendra Rao gaari work in Yamadonga trailers. To the best of my knowledge, his visual senses and color taste are completely different from mine. I do copy some of his shot making, but add my own zing to them. In any case, those shots were not put in the trailers.

Sri: You said the film has several graphics-based scenes. In most Telugu films though, the graphical work doesn't really look appealing, due to time constraint and/or budget. Even in your Chatrapathi, the special effect with the shark was not all that impressive. What cautions you have taken this time?

Rajamouli: There are hundred and one reasons why graphics might not work in a film. Time constraint is the major one among them. As far as Yamadonga is concerned, we shot most of the graphical shots in January and February itself, giving the FX guys enough time to work on the finer nuances.

Sri: Is it true that a graphic designer from Iran helped you in sets and graphics?

Rajamouli: Yes! Adel Adili, an Iranian, worked on the the exterior of Yama's palace and yamalOkam. He did a splendid job. We entrusted him with another job.

Sri: Are you satisfied with the final product of sets and graphics when you see the edited film now?

Rajamouli: Yes, yes, yes, ...and yes!

Sri: The release date seemed to have moved from 3rd of August originally to 15th of August now. What caused the delay? And, how many prints are you getting out?

Rajamouli: For one, I never said that it'd be released on the 3rd. It's getting ready for the independence day release, with 350 prints.

Sri: What's the response for the audio? You seem to have taken special care to curb piracy?

Rajamouli: Credit should go to my vadina (Mrs. Sreevalli Keeravani). It is her idea to include a flipbook and stickers along with the CD. In fact, her audio company Vel Records cut down the profits to make it happen. Most piracy is restricted by this step and we're getting more orders. The audio is a good hit, which is always a plus for the film.

Sri: What are your next projects? We keep hearing a new rumor a new name each time - that you're currently making a movie for Rayapati Sambasiva Rao, one for B.V. Prasad, one of Ramcharan Teja, etc. But, you are doing only one film per year, so when you will complete all this films?

Rajamouli: As you said yourself, they are rumors. I make films at my own sweet pace. And, I need a vacation of at least two months after I complete each movie. It's only after all this that we think of a story line, and then we sit and prepare a story based on a hero and the story setup. You can see why I can't take up movies any faster. I cannot do more films because I have offers.

Sri: You are presenting Mullapudi Vara's film. What made you to do that?

Rajamouli: I listened to his script and was very thrilled. I wanted to produce it myself, but I was busy with Yamadonga. I wanted to be a part of the project in some way though, and thus chose to present the film.

Sri: Will you continue producing films on your banner? Would you then give chance to other directors?

Rajamouli: As a clarification here, Yamadonga is being produced by Cherry and Urmila .They are just using my banner for this film. All the future productions of Vishwamitra creations will be produced by me. Yes, we are planning to produce films with other directors also under our banner, but that will take some time.

Sri: Oh, by the way, what is the reason for taking in Prabhas for the shooting for Vishwamitra Creations logo? Will Prabhas appear in Yamadonga or will he stick only to the banner shoot?

Rajamouli: Vishwamitra is a king who became a brahmarshi. Logically, his body language should be royal. It's very nice of him to act in our banner logo, and that's about it.

Interviewed by Sri
Special Acknowledgments to Rama Rajamouli

source: telugucinema.com


Ratnavelu's camera for Sumanth's film

Cinematographer Ratnavelu is roped in by director Parachuri Murali. This the immediate Telugu film for Ratnavelu after Jagadam. Parachuri Murali who made Andhrudu and Pedababu is directing a film for Sairoopa Creations. Sumanth is the hero in this film. It will go to floors in September.

Heroine for this film has not yet been decided.


Devisri Prasad for Puri - Prabhas film

For the first time, young and happening music director Devi Sri Prasad is scoring music for Puri Jagannadh. Devi is roped in for Puri Jagannadh’s next film with Prabhas. Puri who had long association with Chakri gives a miss to him again.

The film is produced by K S Ramarao on Creative Commercials banner. Despite Shriya's name appeared in a section of the press, Trisha is confirmed for this film. This yet to be titled film will be launched on August 23.


Yamadonga by SR Movies in Singapore

Sri Rajyalakshmi Movies is proud to announce that it has bagged the Screening rights of Yamadonga for Singapore and Malaysia.

Yamadonga stars "Roaring Young Tiger" NTR along with Priyamani and Mamata Mohandas. Music composed by Keeravani is already setting the charts on fire topping the latest audio albums.

Directed by hot and happening Rajamouli who is teaming up with NTR yet again after 2 blockbuster hits in the form of Student Number 1, Simhadri is on his way to deliver another mega hit as a Hat-trick. Rajamouli himself is on a Double Hat-trick with 5 successive hits. The movie casting the likes of "Collection King" Mohanbabu as "Yama", Yamadonga is sure to steal the hearts of many telugu film lovers worldwide. The movie is being produced by Cherry. Our sincere thanks to Producer Cherry for giving us the rights for these teritories.

For Theater,advance booking and movie schedules contact

Durga Prasad @+65-97945354
Lakshmi @+65-93638354
Anil @+91-9885212123


If time comes I'll direct Chiru: Shankar

Tamil star director Shankar puts rest to all the rumors. He spoke exclusively to Telugucinema.com at the Filmfare awards function on Saturday night at Hyderabad International Convention Centre. Here is what he has to say..

Is it true that you are directing a Hindi film?

Yes, my next film is Robot. It stars Shah Rukh Khan and his production company Red Chillies is producing it. I am starting very soon.

There were reports that you wanted to direct a film with Megastar Chiranjeevi?

I would love to direct Chiranjeevi. If time comes I will direct him.

When can we expect from a straight Telugu film from you?

Let's see when it happens but I promise I would surely make one in Telugu which I like immensely.

You have bagged most of the awards for your film, Veyil, as producer. How do you feel?

As a director, I won three Filmfare awards so far. This is the first time that I got as producer that makes me even happier. Veyil was the first Tamil film got screening at Cannes Film Festival. This encouragement and support makes to producer more films.


Mohan Babu Celebrates at Lakshmiprasanna's First wedding anniversary

Los Angeles August 5, 2007: Dr Mohan Babu and his family celebrated his daughter Ms. Laxmi Prasanna's first wedding anniversary in Beverley Hills Chakra Indian Cuisine. The event was attended by Who is who in Los Angels Telugu community. A surprise guest to grace the occasion was Ms Salena Jetley who was a heroine in Dr Mohan Babu's banner. In addition there were a number of Hollywood movie industry people that work with Ms Laxmi Prasuna also attended the function.

Laxmi Prasanna and her husband Andy cut a delicious cake while her both brothers: Vishnu and Manoj along with her parents were present to greet the couple and shower their best wishes. Mr and Mrs Suresh Bajaj from Bombay is also graced the occasion.

The prominent LA Telugu community leaders that graced the occasion include: Dr Shanti & Dr. Prem Sagar Reddy, philanthropist and medical professional; Dr Moham Mallam ATA ex-prseident, and Dr Komminneni, a prominent doctor. Mr Lex Reddy of Prime Health Care was among present.

Dr Mohan Babu thanked all his friends who flew in from various part of United States of America: Dr Ramesh Peramsetty CEO of Alabama Family Medical Clinics, Dr Sridhar R Korasapti, Vice President of Telugu Association of North Texas(TANTEX), Vijay Bandla, Ravi Chanda from New Jersey and Suresh Perugu from Orange County in addition to all the community leaders wheo were there to bless the couple. At the end Ms Laxmi Prasuna expressed gratitude for her dad, family and all the people who attended the function. Vishnu also thanked the guests and Sri Balakrishna and Sri Raghavendra Rao who wished Ms Lakshmi prasanna over the phone.


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Prabhas, Iliyana

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Asha Bhosle sings her 2nd Telugu song after a long gap

Asha Bhosle is one of the greatest playback singers of all times. She was in town recently to sing a song in the music direction of KM Radhakrishna for the film Chandamama directed by Krishnavamsi. This will be her first Telugu film song and second Telugu song ever. Earlier she sang a song in the music direction of Rajan Nagendra and that too a non-filmi song. KM Radhakrishna was all in praise about the renowned singer. The appreciation was mutual. Asha Bhosle was all in praise for the music director too. She confesses that it is the composition that prompted her to sing. 'I sang a few songs here and there in Tamil and Malayalam but not much in Telugu. Even though I got offers, somehow they never worked out. Now I feel happy for singing this song that is composed very nicely', said Asha Bhosle. She also commented that Radhakrishna has bright future and will become a great musician. This particular song was penned by Anant Sriram and runs as Naalo Vuhalaku Naalo Voosulaku.


'Maisamma IPS' completes first schedule

The first schedule of 'Maisamma IPS' directed by Bharat Parepalli and produced by K Ramakrishna Prasad with popular item dance girl Mumaith Khan in the title role was completed recently.

The speciality of the film is that Union minister and Darsaka Ratna Dasari Narayana Rao provided the story and screenplay. Some action scenes were shot on Mumaith Khan and Satya Prakash and others.

Director says, 'The role moulded by Dasari Narayana Rao was like a tailor-made for Mumaith Khan. Her fights and performance would attract the mass audiences. So far the audiences watched her dances but this time, they could see the real artiste in her performance.'

Prabhakar, Sayaji Shinde, Brahmanandam, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, MS Narayana, LB Sriram, Raghubabu, Jeeva, Satya Prakash and others are in the cast.

Dialogues are by P Rajendra Kumar, music is by Vandemataram Srinivas, camera is by Surender Reddy, while Dasari Padma is presenting the movie


A fruitful tour of Swara Brahma in 2007

Music Director Manisharma is Well known for his humbleness though he had several chartbusters to his credit. He loves music and feels that his body and mind are tuned for creating good music day and night.

"We're seriously talking about going out this year and putting together an amazing show with my great troupe", he told the Telugu websites and few magazines some time ago.

He says his troupe singers' route to stardom bypasses a lot of the normal building blocks, but for now they are "self-made" stars.

According to Manisharma, 'Music isn't just learning notes and playing them, You learn notes to play to the music of your soul. I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music. Music is your own experience, your own thoughts, your wisdom. There's no boundary line to art. Great music is that which penetrates the ear with facility and leaves the memory with difficulty. Magical music never leaves the memory.'

Manisharma proved time and again that good teamwork, good sound and excellent local coordination in all cities will prove the tour as a success.

He thanked all of his team- Karunya, Mallikarjun, Vinodbabu, Sunitha, Usha, Vijay Lakshmi, Gangadhar, Chiranjeevi, Sai, Sai Karthik, Saagar, Raghava, Chinna, Harikishen, Vani, Ravishankar, Yashwant, Sridevi, Jagadish Prabhala and Srikant Devarakonda for making the tour this year a grand success.

He also thanked Ruchi Foods, Chicago for National Promotion of shows and JP Entertainment Group for Publicity, Press releases and other coordination efforts. He personally thanked all cities and local organizers for supporting Devi from Ruchi Foods.

In 2007 his tour includes 7 cities Chicago, Washington DC, Dallas, Memphis, Columbus, New Jersey, Detroit, where a large number of music lovers hailing not only from India but also from abroad attended his programme and listened to the songs with rapt attention and time-bound applause.

He also performed at the TANA where over 10,000 crowds greeted him and his team with aplomb. TANA never saw such a huge attendance for any music show till date. Incidentally all his shows in seven cities were a great success.

In 2006, Manisharma performed with his team the cities Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago, Bloomington, Houston, San Francisco.


NAGARJUNA 'Don' shoots at Jayabheri Club

NAGARJUNA Movie 'Don' directed by Raghava Lawrence and produced by ML Kumar Choudary on the banner of Sri Keerthi Creations with Nagarjuna and Anushka, the shooting of in the lead is progressing well.

Presently the film shooting is being held at Jayabheri Club and some important scenes on the hero, heroine and other lead artistes are being shot during the schedule.

It may be mentioned here that the director made it clear right during the launch of the shooting that there is no similarities to the Telugu 'Don' with the Bollywood 'Don'.

He went to the extent of announcing that the Bollywood people would vie for remake rights of this film after is release.

However, the unit kept the details about the story and character of Nagarjuna, besides his get-ups. The film unit says, the song canned on Nagarjuna and Anushka at Hyderabad would remain a highlight of the movie.

Another speciality of the film is that Lawrence is making his debut as music director through this movie.

Dialogues are by Abburi Ravi, lyrics are by Chinni Charan, camera is by S Gopal Reddy, editing is by Marthand K Venkatesh, while art is by Ashokkumar.


Chiranjeevi Selected TITLE ‘Vaibhav’ for A Kodandarami Reddy’s son

Film director A Kodandarami Reddy’s son Sumanth is making his debut as hero now. Since Sumanth name is already popular, A Kodandarami Reddy selected 10 likely screen names for his son and requested Chiranjeevi to pick one. Chiranjeevi picked ‘Vaibhav’. Veteran hero Sobhan Babu also liked Vaibhav name. Hence Sumanth will be launched with the screen name ‘Vaibhav’. The title of his debut film is confirmed as ‘Godava’. The shooting is completed and audio is expected very soon.


Venky’s Tulsi on 12 October

Shooting of Venkatesh’s latest film is going on a brisk pace. The unit has gone abroad last month to shoot a couple of songs on Venkatesh and Nayana Tara. The likely release date is 12 October. Boyapati Seenu (Bhadra fame) directs this film. D Suresh Babu produces this film. Tulasi is the likely title of the film.



Considering the Image of Chiranjeevi's caliber, this result can be declared as a flop. Mass centers which are known to be the forte of Megastar are registering fewer collections, which in turn is affecting the returns of the film.

Though the film is termed as below average to average in A centers, its sinking in B, C centers. Chiru is preacher as Shankar Dada this time, with very less scope on the entertainment side, audience opine. Though the basic concept Gandhigiri is lauded highly, problem is with the macho image of megastar which is affecting the collections.

Analysts say his hardcore fans are ready to say Zindabad for Shankar’s Dadagiri and not his Gandhigiri.



Next big release in Telugu film industry after"Shankar Dada Zindabad" is "YAMADONGA" of NTR and Rajamouli is all set to release on 15th of August with 350 prints. Only 10 left over for the release of the film and expectations are soaring up. The trade circle is expecting a huge hit of Yamdonga. The combination of NTR, Rajamouli and Mohanbabu has boosted the expectations . Rajamouli has no failures in his carrier and the film is made on his home banner Viswamitra creations banner. There are many specialties for the film with graphics, Soundarya, late NTR, PRABHAS and two heroines.



Telugu actresses Kajal made her debut with the film “Lakshmikalyanam”. But the film did not meet with the desired success. Kajal is now pinning all her hopes on her second film directed by Bharatiraja.

“Kalidas” stars Arjun in the lead role and the film is being made simultaneously in Tamil and Telugu. Kajal is keeping he fingers crossed and hopes that the film will give her career a boost in both Tamil and Telugu.