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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sivaji, Sivaji(2007), Sivaji Rajni Kanth Movie

Sivaji Rajni Kanth Movie

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Starring: Rajanikant, Sreya, Prakash Raj, Vivek, Nayanatara, Raghu Varan, Suman
Story: Sivaji is an NRI. He wants to help poor people by setting up a hospital, medical college. But local rowdy(Suman) foils his attempts by making him bankrupt. Sivaji robs black money from rich and sends money to his friends in USA. This money is sent back to his foundation in the form of donations. Rest of the story is how he evades cops & serves society.


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Lakshyam PART 1
Lakshyam PART 2

Starring : Gopi Chand,Anushka


Dream Girl “Trisha” in tears! - Tamil Hero Vijay made her calm down!, Trisha Gallery

Dream Girl “Trisha” in tears! - Tamil Hero Vijay made her calm down!, Trisha Gallery

The dream girl of the south ‘Trisha’ was not invited for Tamil Movie Pokiri(REMAKE OF TELUGU POKIRI) function and was not sent an invitation card either. She had a strong belief that they will call her in the pinch of the time before the function could start, or at least the hero of the movie will give her special preference and call her through phone and invite her. But since that did not happen in her case, she almost started crying like a baby. isnt it ? The dream girl’s mother almost tried all her tricks to calm down the actress. she then called Vijay regarding this and told him about her daughters feeling and how she cried. Hope she didn't make a complaint for this? ah ah..!

He spoke to Trisha too, while making her mom also calm down. Both mother and the daughter accepted the reasons which Vijay gave and started slowly calming down. In between all this confusions, they have also raised cut outs and banners for Trisha on the day of Ultimate star Ajith’s new release ‘Kreedam’. It is a known issue for the people that both Ajith and Trisha fan club members had a bing bang and one on one since the Ajith fan club members gave opposition for raising Trisha’s cut out. Ajith fans started saying that Vijay only is playing this game of asking them to keep banners for Trisha and creating a fight amongst them. Cant find who are these warewolfs?….! Some strange group who enter into the theatre where ever Kreedam movie is running and itseems they are continuosly producing a howling sound which even disturbs the audience. Crazy wolfs…!

It is surely ‘them’ said the Ajith fans with irritate and anger!

This issue is gone to the hands of the police department.


Producer Harikumar passes away

Popular producer who made films like 'Subbu' with NT Rama Rao, 'Mahanandi' with Srihari and Sumanth on the banner of RS Productions died at Manipal Hospital in Bangalore, after a serious illness.

He started a distribution office called Devi Films at a tender age and distributed several successful films like 'Devudu, Pavitra Prema, Samarasimha Reddy, Anji, Mrigaraju, Shankar Dada MBBS, Premante Ideraa, Prematho… Raa, Badri' and other such films and earned a good name in the film industry.

Harikumar, who is known as gentle and soft producer, was married in 2003.

He is survived by his wife and a daughter. Several prominent film personalities, close friends and relatives expressed their condolences to the bereaved family.


Tollywood Actress Gopika Down With Chickun Guniya, Gopika Gallery

Tollywood Actress Gopika Down With Chickun Guniya,
Gopika Gallery

Gopika, who is on a vacation with her family members at Dubai, has been rushed to a hospital after she was down with Chickun Guniya.

Gopika is now acting in the Tamil Movie Veerappu and ready for release on 27 July.

Gopika went on a tour to Dubai on the 14th of this month along with her family members. Gopika visited many tourists spots in Dubai and also met her relatives and friends. Suddenly Gopika’s grandmother was unwell and she had to take care of her and the rest of her family members went site seeing. In the next few days Gopika was also affected by severe fever.

Immediately Gopika was taken to the hospital and on testing both Gopika and her grandmother, the doctor confirmed that they are affected by Chickun Guniya. She has been admitted to a private hospital.

It may be recalled that actors including Mohanlal, Meera Jasmine were affected by Chickun Guniya in the recent past.

As per the rules of that country, the doctor informed the government there and admitted Gopika and her grandmother in a special ward for treatment.


Meera Jasmine Refutes rumour of secret marriage

Meera Jasmine has fallen prey to yet another low-brow gossip. Meera was earlier said to have romantic links with Lohitadas, a Malayalam director. She is now said to have married Rajesh, a Telugu businessman from Hyderabad. Meera Jasmine has denied reports appeared in a section of vernacular media that she has entered wedlock with Rajesh (brother of Mandolin U Shrinivas) in Tirupati recently. A section of media had carried reports that the actress married Rajesh in Tirupati Venkatachalapathy temple.

The actress, who is shooting in Calcutta, has denied the rumour outright and has assured to reveal details in a press meet once she is back in Chennai.

It may be recalled that Meera Jasmine was spotted at a concert rendered by U Rajesh in Chennai recently. Rumors have been part and parcel of Meera’s career.


'Adaab Hyderabad' for August 3 release

Directed by Sanjay Punjabi on the banner of Sure Shot Productions, 'Adaab Hyderabad' is ready for release on August 3.

Speaking on the occasion producer Naveen Agarwal says, 'The films that are being produced with Hyderabadi slang are competing with Bollywood films in Hyderabad and are emerging big hits. Our film, which was made as a family entertainer had already earned a lot of craze. A song — 'Tu Meraa Yaar…' was choreographed on Mumbai dancer Kainaz Parveez and this would remain a highlight in the movie. The film has a different storyline and typical movement with entertainment in its backdrop. We completed the entire shooting of the film in a single schedule and was totally shot in Hyderabad. Two vagabond youths face some typical circumstances which throw life haywire. How they came out of that situation is the subject of the film. The director was moulded the film in an interesting and entertaining manner.'

Hyder Ali, Mujtaba, Mir, Razaq Khan, Karuna Pandey, Astha Rathode, Shabana Mullani, Ajay Pharvana, Preethi Nagam, Ayesha Jaleel, Sabir Khan, Razaq Qureshi and others are in the cast.

Dialogues are by MA Rahim, lyrics are by DK Goyal, music is by Vali Sha and choreography is by Prem Gopi and Sudhir Srivastav. Naven Agarawl and Sanjay Punjabi are the producers while script and direction are by Sanjay Punjabi.


Tollywood Movie 'John Apparao 40 Plus' launch on July 26

Kuchipudi Venkat is producing and directing a film 'John Apparao 40 Plus' on the banner of Black and Eight Act with popular comedian Krishna Bhagawas as hero and senior heroine Simran in the lead.

The title itself indicates the subject to certain extent. It is an exciting thriller with comedy in its backdrop. The film would have all the commercial elements that could attract all classes of audiences.

The shooting of the movie would be formally launched on July 26 in Hyderabad, while the first schedule was planned in Bangkok from July 27.

Kiran Varnas is being introduced as music director through the film.

Brahmanandam, Ali, Raghubabu, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, Jeeva, Melkote, Benarjee and Telangana Sakuntala are in the cast.

The producer-cum-director made his debut some time ago as director through 'Modati Cinema' with Navadeep and Poonam Bajwa in the lead. However, the film failed to achieve the expected success.


SDZ to hit screen with 350 prints, Tollywood Hero Chiranjeevi Movie Sankar Dada Zindabad with Highest number of Prints 350

SDZ to hit screen with 350 prints,
Tollywood Hero Chiranjeevi Movie Sankar Dada Zindabad with Highest number of Prints 350

Directed by Prabhudeva and produced on the banner of Gemini Film Circuit, 'Shankar Dada Zindabad' with Padma Bhushan, Mega Star, Dr Chiranjeevi as hero and Karishma Kotak as heroine is all set to hit the screen on July 27.

It may be recalled that the film is a sequel to 'Shankar Dada MBBS' and the first-ever sequel being made on the Telugu screen, which was a record.

The audio sales were also at record level. The character played by Abhishek Bachchan in its Hindi original is being played by Power Star Pawan Kalyan in Telugu.

Another speciality is that Sensational Star Raviteja, Stylish Star Allu Arjun and Mega Brother Nagababu are shaking their legs with the Mega Star in a song, which would be a feast to the fans of all these heroes.

It is well aware that Srikanth is playing the role of ATM, a sidekick of the hero. It is learnt that the film is going to hit the screen with a whopping 350 prints across the State.


Telugu and Tamil Comedian Vadivel Comedy Movie 'Himsinche 23va Raju Pulakesi' to hit screen in August 1st week

A successful Tamil film directed by Simbu Devan is being dubbed into Telugu as 'Himsinche 23va Raju Pulakesi' by NV Prasad and Paras Jain on the banner of Mega Super Good Films in which popular comedian Vadivelu played a dual role.

Presented by RB Choudary, the film was produced with a huge Rs 7 crore budget in Tamil, despite the film has a comedian as hero.

The film screened for more than 100 days in Tamil and Super Star Rajanikanth and hero Vijay attended the Silver Jubilee function celebrated in Tamil Nadu.

The audio of the Telugu version was directly released into the market without any formal audio launch function. It may be mentioned here that popular director Shankar produced the film in the direction of his protégé Simbu Devan.

Comedian Vadivelu played two roles as a king who always harasses the people and as a common man who brings about a change in the king.


Telugu Hero tARUN'sTelugu Movie NAVA VASANTHAM shoots climax scenes

Over 80 per cent of the talkie part of 'Nava Vasantham' directed by Shahjahan and produced by NV Prasad and Paras Jain on the banner of Mega Super Good Films with Tarun and Arthi Agarwal in the lead.

A huge set was erected at Sarathi Studios in Hyderabad exclusively for the purpose of the film and some key scenes are being shot with over 5,000 artistes for about a week in this set.

The balance talkie and three songs would be shot very soon. Hero Tarun is making his screen presence in 'Nava Vasantam' after a long gap of two years and his last movie is 'Oka Oorilo…'.

Besides Tarun, Akash and Rohit are also playing heroes in the movie. The film is getting ready to hit the screen in September.


Telugu Movie Pellaindi Kaani… completes second schedule

The second schedule of 'Pellayindi Kaanee…' directed by EVV Satyanarayana and produced by M Narasimha Rao on the banner of Raasi Movies with Naresh and Kamalini Mukherjee in the lead had completed its second schedule, with the shooting beginning on from July 8 to July 20.

Almost all the lead cast were involved in shooting during this schedule, which was done at Rajahmundry, Atreyapuram, Mandapet, Kadiyam, Samalkot, Dowlaiswaram, Pattiseema, Paapikondalu and other such places in which a song and some key scenes were shot.

The song was canned on Naresh, Sunil, Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao, Mallikarjuna Rao and Abhinayasri on a launch on Godavari river.

The balance talkie would be shot from August 5 to 14 at Araku and Vizag. The film unit is planning to choreograph the remaining songs in Austria, Italy and Germany from August 16 to 26 and release the film in September.

Director EVV says, the sentiment scenes between mother and son and also between the wife and husband would touch the hearts of audiences and wet their eyes.

At the same time, the film has enough comedy to entertain the audiences.