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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tollywood Directors Dil Raju and Puri Jagan are jointly relaunching Sairam Shankar with Shankar (Puri Jagan’s brother) and Sheila

Tollywood Directors Dil Raju and Puri Jagan are jointly relaunching Sairam Shankar with Shankar (Puri Jagan’s brother) and Sheila

Dil Raju and Puri Jagan are jointly producing a film titled Hello Premistara in the direction of Raj Kumar with Sairam Shankar (Puri Jagan’s brother) and Sheila in the main leads. Shooting of this film is almost complete. The unit of this film arranged a press meet today at the office of Vaishno Academy. Here are the excerpts -

Dil Raju said, “We liked the script a lot when Raj Kumar narrated it to us. That is the reason why we have decided to produce it jointly. Though it is a love subject, there is an interesting element attached to it. There will be lot of entertainment orientation to the narration of the story. We started the shoot on 15 March. The shooting is complete but for a song. Audio will be launched in the first week of August and movie will be released in September. Chakri has given 5 wonderful songs.”

Director Raj Kumar said, “This is my first Telugu film. I worked as an assistant director for a few Tamil films. I feel it as honor to make my debut in Telugu through a film that is produced by Dil Raju and Puri Jagan.”

Hero Sairam Shankar said, “Raj Kumar has done a fabulous work. He presented me in a new light and variety get-up. I hope that this film will give a big break to me and the director as well.”



Comedian Brahmanandam is playing a role in the film “Lakshmiputrudu”. The film stars Uday Kiran in the lead. Raj Kapoor is directing the film. Raj Kapoor is a Tamil director who has more than 32 films to his credit. Lakshmiputrudu is being made simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil. Sathyaraj plays Uday Kiran’s dad in the film.

A special item song would be picturized on Brahmanandam and Mumaith Khan. The item song will be one of the highlights of the film. Brahmanadam will match steps with Mumaith and this combination is likely to set the audience screaming for more.




Will Megastar Chiranjeevi be taking up megaphone very soon? The buzz doing the rounds in filmnagar is that he might be turning director with his next film. Parachoori Brothers are now busy finalizing a script for him, which has shades of folklore.Even Chiranjeevi too expressed his desire to turn director but he didn’t reveal as and when that would happen. Insiders say as his son Charan Teja is making debut, Chiranjeevi feels this is the right time to be director ‘officially’.



The hot and happening item girl turned heroine Mumaith Khan is doing what Nayantara did a little time back. Mumaith has hired a set of personal bodyguards!. Nayanatara had hired bodyguards after her estrangement with Simbu. So whenever Nayanatara went to Chennai, she had her personal bodyguards in tow.No Mumaith is doing just that. And the reason is that wherever she goes, people mob her. And some even go the extent of trying to abuse her physically. Mumaith is making a whopping sum of 35 lakh for her film Maisamma IPS. So spending a few thousands on personal bodyguards not only make sense but will also enhance her star status and prestige.




Telugu actress Poonam Bajwa is walking a very uphill road. All her movies right from “Modati Cinema” to the latest “Veduka” have been flops. She does not have an average run film also. Poonam’s film with Nagarjuna “The Boss” also flopped at the box office. The lady is really finding it hard to get roles now and she really needs to do something drastic to survive.




Tollywood actor Nandamuri Kalyanram, son of Harikrishna and the grandson of the late NT Ramarao, shot into fame with the success of “Athanokkade”. He became a news when he was injured in a chasing scene while shooting for “Lakshmi Kalyanam” directed by Teja and produced by Mahendra.

Kalyanram married the sister of Hari, who was a producer, at a grand function at Hitex in Hyderabad on August 9, 2006.

It is reliably learnt that Kalyanram is turning a father in the next few months, which means, another boy or girl is coming out to continue Nandamuri’s legacy.

Presently Nandamuri Kalyanram is playing hero in “Vijayadasami” directed by V Samudra and produced by Edara Ranga Rao on the banner of Sai Sarwajit Productions.

Later, he would play a role in a film to be directed by Swarna Subba Rao and produced by Nandamuri Janakiram on the banner of NTR Arts.


Shilpa Shetty wrecked my marraige - Kavita Kundra

A HEARTBROKEN young mum has accused goody-goody Celebrity Big Brother star Shilpa Shetty of destroying her marriage.

Stunning Kavita Kundra, 25, denounced the Bollywood beauty for taking up with her film producer husband Raj Kundra just months after the birth of their first child.

“Shilpa’s a cultural icon in the Indian community but she’s not what she appears,” said Kavita. “She can have any man she wants — there are plenty of single men. She didn’t need to go after my husband.”

Distraught Kavita revealed how 31-year-old entrepreneur Raj broke the bombshell news of his secret relationship with Shilpa, 32, in February after she found fame in the BB house as the victim of bullying and race taunts.

“Raj bragged Shilpa and her family had been sounding him out as a potential husband,” said Kavita.

“I was stunned. Up until then I didn’t even know they’d met.”

Kavita, an uncanny Shilpa lookalike, admitted their three-year marriage had been through a rocky patch, but insisted: “Up until then Raj had been talking about putting it back together, making things work for the sake of our daughter.

“I thought I had every chance but the arrival of Shilpa wrecked everything. Suddenly Raj’s attitude changed and he wanted a divorce.”

Angry Kavita revealed how tycoon Raj also:

DITCHED her by text message.

ORDERED to stay away from their £1million Buckinghamshire family home.

SHIPPED her clothes back to her in black bin liners.

Kavita’s revelations come after a week of gossip fuelled by snaps of Shilpa and Raj—who helped launch her S2 perfume—shopping together. He also escorted her to a recent ‘Bollywood Oscars’ bash in Yorkshire. As speculation mounted, Raj sent Kavita a text message last Sunday, which read: “Lots of rumours in press regarding Shilpa and me. Dad says press were standing outside house all day asking questions.”

Kavita told us: “I texted back saying, ‘Is this your way of telling me?’ He just ignored the question. Since then, every time I try to find out the depth of their relationship he avoids the question. Or he laughs.”

Speaking from her sister Monica’s house in Tamworth, Staffordshire, Kavita, right, told how she first noticed a change in her husband last November, weeks after daughter Deleena was born on September 9.

“He’d been away in Bombay for a month working on a script,” she said. “I’d gone to stay with my parents at their home in West Bromwich. But when Raj returned to the UK he sent me a text message which took my breath away. It read simply, ‘Don’t bother coming back.’

“Subsequent messages were even more bewildering and cruel. Raj made it clear in no uncertain terms that he considered our marriage was over. He told me not to return to the beautiful home we shared with his parents in Gerrards Cross. And he sent all my clothes up to West Brom in a van in black bin bags—I’m still waiting for the £150,000 of jewellery he’s given me over the years.”

Kavita agreed there had been earlier problems and a short break-up over Raj’s roving eye, but said she hoped to patched things up for the sake of the baby.

“But this time Raj had come home from Bombay a completely different person,” she said. “He’d lost weight, got in shape and started wearing flashy designer clothes.

He was very secretive and never told me where he went or who he met.”

Two months after returning from Bombay, Raj started dropping Shilpa’s name into the conversation.

Kavita recalled: “Raj and I talked about Shilpa when she was on Big Brother. He’d say that her new high profile made her the hot new actress to have in any movie. But he never mentioned he knew her.

“Then on one weekend visit to see Deleena, it came out of the blue. We were having a Sunday roast pub lunch and he announced, ‘Guess what? Shilpa and her mother have been asking personal questions about me—liking me for a potential husband.’ He said it in such a proud, bragging way that I was stunned. I asked if he’d met her and he said yes. I asked him if he liked her and he said, ‘She’s pretty. She’s nice. Yes, I know her.’

“That was the first time I realised Raj might be serious about Shilpa.

“Now I find it really hard and hurtful to even look at pictures of her. That’s the woman who’s got my husband, wrecked my marriage and is now living my life.’”

In the following weeks, Raj talked about Shilpa continuously and it became clear they were closely involved. Kavita said: “On one visit I asked him, ‘Are you seeing Shilpa? Are you going to marry her?’

“But he just laughed and said, ‘Yeah, right, I don’t think she’d be interested in me.’ But, clearly, she was never far from his thoughts. He was always talking about how pretty she was.

“He said he was buying a flat in Bombay close to where she lives and then he announced, ‘I’m going to be staying there a lot more now.’

“What upsets me most is that while I was trying to put the marriage back together, all he was thinking about was Shilpa.

“I don’t even know if she knows about our daughter Deleena. If she does, it’s shocking and I can’t see how a woman from the Indian community could behave like it. The relationship between father and daughter is very important to us.

“And while Raj is away spending money freely on Shilpa I have to show him receipts for any money I spend on our daughter.

“I wonder what I’ll tell Deleena when she asks where her daddy is as she grows up.

“It’s going to be confusing and hurtful to her. Now Raj isn’t even showing much interest in her. He hasn’t visited for two months.

All he talks to me about is wanting ‘closure’. He says he wants a divorce and he seems to be in a real rush. I said, ‘Why are you in such a rush? Are you planning to marry someone else?’ But he avoided the question.

“Instead he offered me a ‘clean break’ settlement of just £200,000 and gave me £270,000 to buy a house near my family in the Midlands.

“I can’t believe the way my baby and I are being treated in all this. I no longer recognise Raj as the man I married. He has changed so much since Shilpa came along.”


Asked about his relationship with Shilpa, Raj told us yesterday: “We’re just friends. I have a business relationship with Shilpa regarding her perfume.

“My marriage ended twelve months ago and it was nothing to do with Shilpa.”

Later he telephoned to say he had only been estranged from his wife for nine months.

Despite his wife insisting he knew Shilpa back in February Raj told us: “We met three months ago. My wife is very insecure. I’m divorcing her on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour—that she never supported my interests or wanted to go out with me.”


Telugu Hero Venkatesh Movie TULASI Release for Dasara, audio in September

Venky enjoys one of the highest success rates amongst actors and his saleability at the boxoffice is unquestionable. His last two films - Lakshmi and AMAV were runaway hits. His next film is 'Tulasi' which is a faction drama and has a child sentiment too. The movie has Nayanatara, cast opposite Venky. The movie's unit is presently in Austria shooting a song. The producer D. Suresh Babu feels that Dasara is a good season to release, due to the holiday period and their banner's previous hit - Jayam Manadera too was released during the same time. Boyapati Srinu, who delivered the hit Bhadra directs this film, while Devi Sri Prasad scores the music. The audio of the film would release through Aditya Music in the first week of September.


Abraham Lincoln in Telugu - Dubbing of Malayalam Movie under Progress

A successful Malayalam Film Abraham Lincoln with Kalabhavan Mani and Rahman in the lead roles is being dubbed in Telugu.

A N Balaji is dubbing the movie on the Sri Lakshmi Jyothi Creations banner.The film is the story about a police officer played by Raghu and a thief played by Kalbhavan Mani. The film has chasing scenes involving motorbikes and cars in true Hollywood style. Neha Pendse, Swetha P Mernon and Rajan P Dev are the other star cast


Allari Naresh Acts As Ali's Brother and L B Sriram as Father

Allari Naresh plays the role of Ali's brother in the film 'Seema Sastry' where LB Sri Ram plays father of the two. Naresh said that the scenes with Ali and LB Sri Ram have become very well and said that he enjoyed for sharing the screen space with them. The film is set to release next month, tentatively in which Allari Naresh paired up with 'Bhagyalakshmi Bumper Draw' fame Farzana.

The film is made on comedy platform with action backdrop. That is air news about this film.

But the grapevine says that the shooting of the film is completed long back but still struggling in cans to come out. The financial crisis is putting the film in trouble for its release, as per the scuttlebutt. If this is to be believed, we have to consider that it will be second film of Allari Naresh in recent times that is struggling to release along with 'Allare Allari'.


Tollywood Hero Yuva samrat Nagarjuna makes a Full length Role in VishnuVardhan Babu Film

Yuvasamrat Akkineni Nagarjuna is doing an extraordinary and full-length role in Vishnu's film in the direction of P. Vasu (of Chandramukhi fame). Though news was out a couple of days back that Nag is doing a special role, it is officially confirmed that his role is not limited to some scenes or cameo appearance, but an integral part of the story itself. This is made on Sree Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures as Production No. 48, and producer is Dr. M. Mohan Babu. A major highlight is dance sequence planned between Nag and Vishnu. Isha Sarwani is doing heroine for Vishnu. Music is by MM. Keeravani. Nazar, Prema, Brahmanandam, Sunil, MS Narayana, Ali and Sonu Sood are playing vital roles. Stun Shiva is composing fights. Regular shoot will begin from August 16 th.

With this, Nag happens to be doing his second film on Sri Laxmiprasanna Pictures banner, first being "Adhipati" costarring Nag. Nag and Mohan Babu always cherished special moments of comradeship. It was on the request of Nag that Mohan Babu did King Saluva Narasimha in Annamayya ten years ago. Again the duo appeared in Adhipati in 2001.


Tollywood Mega star Chiranjeevi Movie Shankardada Zindabad releasing with record number prints

Telugu Hero Mega star Chiranjeevi Movie Shankardada Zindabad is all set to release on 27th of July with record number of prints. If Shankardada MBBS released with 303 prints and Stalin released with 317, Shankardada Zindabad is releasing with 333 prints only in Andhra Pradesh. Apparently, the number of theaters the film is releasing into is above 550+. Another record is that, in Nizam the film is releasing with 101 prints into 144 theaters. The writing of records has started for the next weeks to come.


Mohan Babu Accepted to ACT in K S Rama Rao Movie

During the Vajrosthavam celebrations, actor-producer Mohanbabu and producer K.S.Rama Rao of Creative Commercials quarrelled like sworn enemies. The onlookers thought that these two would never see eye to eye in the days to come. As in politics, there are no permanent friends or foes in Tollywood too. The latest scoop is that Mohanbabu accepted to play a vital character in the film being produced by K.S.Rama Rao and directed by Puri Jagannath, with Prabhas and Trisha in the lead roles. Work is worship, particularly when one is paid handsomely!



Versatile actor Kamal Haasan is making “Dasavataram” in Telugu, Tamil amd more languages. The latest to join the film’s crew are seven make up artists who are from London, California and New Jersey who are likely to contribute to Kamal Haasan’s make up in the movie ‘Dasavatharam’. Special care is being taken in this movie to ensure that Kamal looks different in the 10 different characters he is portraying in the film. Grapevine says that Kamal is spending almost 5 Cr only for his make up.


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