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Friday, June 15, 2007

Interesting facts about Rajnikant's Sivaji

Here are some interesting facts about Rajnikant's Sivaji.

1. Director Shankar used 2500 junior artists for the introduction scene of Rajnikant.
2. A huge set of glass house was built to shoot Sahana song.
3. 4K DI (Digital Intermediate) digital camera is used for the first time in
India for this film.
4. Helim Balloon light is used to shoot a song. The crew has to use 13 helium cylinders for the lighting.
5. The team of Shankar saw important footages of most of Rajnikant’s films since his debut in 1975. They found that Rajnikant looked best in Padikkadavan(TAMIL) (1985) film. Then Shankar summoned the make-up artist to come up with a similar hairdo for Rajnikant 22 years later.
6. Rajnikant donned 15 different hair styles for this film. He also tonsured his head and shaven off his mustache for a get-up in this film. A make-up artist from
France is flown in for this purpose.
7. A few songs of this film are shot in
USA and Sapin.
8. Soundarya - daughter of Rajnikant - supervised the 600 scenes of Computer Graphics work that lasts for 50 minutes in this film. It took over an year to do this CG work.
9. Bellamkonda Suresh bought the Telugu remake rights (excluding satellite, overseas, ringtones, audio etc) for a 14 crores. It is also learnt that this film is sold for 20 crores in AP (4 crores for Ceded, 6.75 crores for Nizam and 9 crores from Andhra).


Sivaji (Telugu) premiere show in Virigina USA

Premiere show of Rajani Kanth starring Sivaji (Telugu version) is planned in Virigina for 14th of June onwards. Exhibitors from this location reported huge response for the film which is releasing world wide on 15th June. For the first time, 400 online tickets were already sold and phone calls are neveer ending. If the trend continues, this might be the biggest achievement for any Indian movie in this area, says reports. For details on the premiere show and other details, contact
Praveen (703-798-9974),
Altaf (410-369-8801) &
Sumanth (240-481-9777).

The following is the schedule of Sivaji in Virginia.

Thursday 14th June 2007
9:45PM (Premier Show )
Friday 15th June 2007
9:45PM (Prime Time)
Saturday 16th June 2007
12:00, 3:15PM, 6:30PM, 9:45PM
Sunday 17th June 2007
12:00, 3:15PM, 6:30PM, 9:45PM
Monday 18th June 2007
4:00PM, 7:30PM
Tuesday 19th June 2007
4:00PM, 7:30PM
Wednesday 20th June 2007
4:00PM, 7:30PM
Thursday 21st June 2007
4:00PM, 7:30PM

AMC Lowes Fairfax Square 8 (DTS) (Formerly Cineplex Odeon Cinemas) 8065
Leesburg Pike (Tysons Corner) Vienna, VA 22182 (Opp: Tysons Mall 1 on Route 7, BehindTIFFANY, BESTBUY Building, Next to On The Borders Resturant )


Rambha acting in a song with NTR for Yamadonga

Rambha is doing a special song in Jr.NTR's Yamadonga. At present, the shooting of this song is going on at Annapoorna studios. The song is pictured in a set, dierected on NTR, Rambha and few dancers. This song will continue for next few days. Audio of the film is expected to release in the first week of July. SS Rajamouli is directing this film.


Shivaji - Both Telugu and Tamil in Prasads Multiplex

For the first time, a Tamil film is released in Telugu and Tamil in Hyderabad. Shivaji is the first film to be screened in its two versions at Prasads Multiplex.

Its Telugu version release on Today (Friday, June 15th) while the Tamil version hits on Saturday (June 16th).

Recently many Tamil and Malayalam films are being screened for Tamilians and Malayalis settled or working in Hyderabad. But this is the first time that a Tamil film directly releasing.

Here a premiere show had finished on 14th night for a selected film personalities. Hitech 70 mm is the theatre to host premiere show.