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Friday, August 10, 2007

Why Yuvan Shanar Raja and his wife Sujaya filed for Divorce?

Why did the couples Yuvan Shanar Raja and his wife Sujaya Divorce?

The news which leaked out from the some of the kollywood who did not wish to tell their names was unbelievable. News says that the couples were separate for the past 9 months. It looks like suffer and boss over whom the family members of Illaiyaraja gave was not digestible for Sujaya. Even when told about this to Yuvan it seems he did not hear for this and he took lightly. After their marriage Yuvan used to come late night to home without proper intimation and even it became a habitation for Yuvan to stay out. All this has made Sujaya wound a lot and she was left cornered. Yuvan who flies frequent to Bangkok, visits Pattiya over there, and also visits some luxury islands and has learned some bad habits while on tour is the information that leaked out so far.

Sujaya who was in a dilemma at last decided to file divorce. Though they have decided to divorce by mutual consent, Yuvan shanker raja has wholeheartedly accepted to write a house, a property which belongs to him on her name and which is located at Nungambakkam. If we see this matter, very well understood that after the divorce Sujaya will stay here. Will Yuvan not realise in this age to show more importance to his wife than his passion over music?



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