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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Trisha Family problems

Glamorous doll Trisha is facing with many problems. She is coming out with some or other news frequently. Until now she played opposite with many top heroes and acquired a fame and name in Tollywood. Though her performance is excellent and looks appeasing, she could not come out of rumors and frequently caught in web.

In this connection, she says some people are facing with lot of problems due to various reasons. And few, those who do not have any work, create rumors and gossips. There was a news spreader that my father is not staying with us which is entirely ridiculous and meaningless. My father is one of the employees with high position in one of the hotel. Since my child-hood he worked and brought up me and my family. Then why I will look down him and send him out of the house? Is it not senseless creating such false propaganda against me and my family members?

No outsider knows about my father who is my breath and he loves me very much. Unnecessarily some people are creating all sorts of nuisance and wasting in gossiping about me and my family which I hate such things she said. In addition, she said that why these people are spreading rumors such as Trisha made suicide attempt and so on. I do not understand what is the necessary I have to go for suicide attempt? If really I have any problems then I will face all the consequences and fight boldly but I never run away showing my back. Moreover I am not a coward and there is no need for me to attempt suicide or involve in doing other sorts of mad things.



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