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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Tamil Movie ‘Kadavul’ gives Salary to beggars

Bala is directing ‘Naan Kadavul’ produced by Samrat Film Corporation. Arya is the hero of the film. After the first phase of shooting in Varanasi, the work lost momentum and has picked up once again. The second phase of shooting is taking place in Theni at Kumbakarai Falls.

Because of the naxalite menace public feared to move in places in Balasubramaniaswami temple at Thenkarai near Kumbakarai as well as Kumbakarai falls. Shooting for the film Naan Kadavul is now being shot in the area. Now the movement of people in the Kumbakarai Falls has increased.

They are shooting scenes in Instead of taking supporting actors from Chennai, Bala is making real beggars act in the film.

The beggars, who were earning coins on the streets through begging, are to be paid a a monthly salary of Rs 2500 for their acting. They are also being given food thrice a day as well as tea, coffee and snacks. A large number of Police personnel from the Tamil Nadu Special Task Force have been posted in the area to nab naxalites.

Because of this tourists stopped visiting the area and it looked deserted. But now as shooting is going on in the area people have started coming there. It seems every time Bala comes to the spot, the beggars hail him and wish him well. As long as by mistake Arya is not paid Rs.2500 this is alright!



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