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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Shruti Kamal inaugurates the on-air marathon

Shruti Kamal inaugurated the on-air marathon attempted by RJ Dheena of Big 92.7 FM in Chennai yesterday August 20, 2007. Touted to be a challenge that is never attempted in India, the marathon will require Dheena to be on air for 92 hours and 7 minutes continuously starting from 3.00 p.m. yesterday. Shruti launched the challenge, which is also being covered by a private television channel, in the studios of Big 92.7 FM radio station.RJ Dheena has been preparing himself for this challenge for weeks, station sources said. He was practicing yoga, meditation, and physical exercises to stay focused during the course of his marathon. A doctor will accompany Dheena during the 92 hours and 7 minutes of the marathon to provide immediate medical attention in case of any emergency. The station has also arranged for enough supplies of food and energy drinks during the marathon.
A host of interactive programs have been arranged during the marathon to cheer up Dheena where listeners can call the RJ up and wish his well during the challenge.



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