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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

RGV on Aag

Ask Puri Jagannadh what he likes in Ram Gopal Varma? "I love his interviews than his films. You see his intelligence in his talking. His passion for films and his personal character comes forth in his media interviews," Puri Jagannadh told once this website.
His is right. Ram Gopal Varma or now popular as RGV always gives funny lines and plays jokes on himself. The maverick director has this to say about his new film, Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag: "I remade Shiva as Shiva 2006. It was a utter flop. When I began remaking Sholay, some of the industry people in Bollywood and in Hyderabad commented that Shiva Ne Tiyyalekapoyaadu. Ika Sholay Ne Emi Chestadu. Tana Cinema Tane Tiyyaledu..Ippudu Inkolla Cinema Padu Chesenduku Tayarayyadu."
He laughs while uttering those comments. "They are fearing that this time I might pull it off," RGV says.



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