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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Raja Mouli -Dreams are my foundations

Our former President Abdul Kalam many times said to dream first then other things will materialize. In this concept young director SS Rajamouli is dreaming in higher level. Combination of Jr. NTR and him the films Student No1 and Simhadri were super hits and both have become stars in their respective fields. Now once again these two youngsters are coming with Yamadonga. It is a socio fantasy movie. On August 15th it is going to release as a gift of Independence Day to Telugu people. In this juncture Rajamouli expressed his views.

After Student No.1 and Simhadri now you are coming with Yamadonga. Your hopes are high is it not?
It is natural that there will be high estimation from the people and fans keeping in view of hit combination. We have to be careful in questioning ourselves because it will be very tension. Further we stepped to make this film feeling indifferent story comparing with my other two films. There will be 100% comedy and entertainment.

After the film Simhadri you both went into the path of mass. Now what is the reason to select Socio Fantasy?
Generally I like socio fantasy movies very much. I can’t say how many times I have seen the movies Pathala Bhairavi, Maya Bazar, Jagadekaveeruni Katha and so on. Imaginary magic and tricks will be more attractive and impressive. Hence I used to dream to make such fantasy films. Jr. NTR suits perfectly for such roles. Moreover it is not like Student No. 1 and Simhadri. It is entirely dissimilar one.

Is it remake of Yamagola?
No not at all. However, the interactions with Yamadharma Raju and human being are given most important by which audience get feeling of Yamagola.

Yamagola and Yamadonga, both are grandpa and grand son’s films then audience observes the differences no?
Up to stepping into the theatre audience may think in that sense no doubt. However, when the viewers digest in the story then there will not be such feelings. Moreover the scenes and sequences between NTR and Mohan Babu will impress and take them too exciting.

How you assigned Mohan Babu?
I assigned by the story itself. Many of them made me advised not to select him feeling he is a angry man, speaks about rules and regulations etc. but one thing is true he maintains perfect timings and punctuality. He never came late in the sets until the completion of the shooting. Moreover he cooperated in the shooting also. He is a well experienced artiste and I felt very happy and I cannot forget gesture and friendly manners. Mohan Babu gave life to the role what I have thought.
What is the technique you adopted to make NTR slim and handsome?
Laughingly he said if we announce all our techniques then how? If it is mixed with mass, action and other sorts of spices then if hero appears little bit stout there will not be any problem because, the story and storyline runs with emotions and feelings. But this film is entirely comedy and entertaining hence hero should appear with new out look. Hence, I strictly instructed to NTR to become slim and consequently he reduced his weight. Further, we changed the hair style and other costumes.

What is the necessary to interfere in the Keeravani’s music?
He knows everything from the starting the performing of OM. Moreover, regarding the details of entire songs he will only takes responsibility. After completing the shooting he observes the rushes and frankly he says whatever the mistakes keeping in view of the audience’s feelings. Further, he changes as per the requirements. Mainly at the time of film Vikramarkudu Annayya gave many excellent suggestions which benefited more in this film.

Except your first movie all other films are having with huge budgeted and many establishments. What is the reason?
We cannot imagine the silver screen as a small one. It should be shining. I dream more and it should be in high level. Whatever the scenes I am showing grandly my dreams are foundations to me. On those foundations alone my storyline proceeds. Moreover I like more fights, sets, costumes and everything if it is in high profile. Audience also likes more for such things. Definitely the set of Yamalokam is one of the tremendous and excellent one which will be highlight for the film. With big pillars we prepared very huge set at Ramoji Film City. In entire Asia this is the big indoor set. In addition, we brought the experts from Iran for visual effects. Everything will be highly in the film.

Why you are unable to choose sensitive stories leaving mass and other spices?

Naturally I am very much interested in such stories and films. Hence I like to make such films. I don’t say that I will not watch the sensitive story films. I liked the film Bommarillu very much, but I cannot make such type of films.
What experience you got in making this film?

It is a great experience to make socio fantasy film. All the artistes and technicians cooperated and worked hard with dedication. Entire scenes of Yamalokam were picturised in Ramoji Film City. In the beginning we thought to make the required set it may take more than three months. However, entire staff struggled and completed the set marvelously within forty five days. We have utilized the entire infrastructure available here.



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