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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rahman released new patriotic album Jana Gana Mana

A decade after Rahman sang the ‘Vande Mataram’ in a tune reflective of the mood of a nation that was 50 years young, Allah Rakha Rahman aka A R Rahman Saturday released Jana Gana Mana, his musical score of India’s National Anthem, in Chennai.
The album was released in Sathyam Cinemas as part of the celebration of the country’s 60th year of independence. It was also promoted at Music World, Spencers Plaza, Chennai.
With some of the big names of Indian music industry, ranging from D K Pattammal to SP Balasubramanium and Balamuralikrishna to Lata Mangeshkar lending their voices, the album is a yet another venture from the Bharatbala-Rahman duo that came out with Vande Mataram in 1997.
Rahman said it was of great value to score music for the national anthem.
Responding to a query, he said he could not single out any particular singer as his favourite from a collection of 35 soundtracks. “Everybody is so impressive,” he said. The DVD has 25 film strips shot in different locations in India.
The man, who is now tasting success at the international arena, has not given any solo number and declined to comment on why it was so.
Bharatbala, the producer of Jana Gana Mana, appreciated Rahman for his support for the venture.



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