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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Lakshmi Prasanna 1st wedding anniversary at LA-Gallery

Dr Mohan Babu and his family celebrated his daughter Ms. Laxmi Prasanna's first wedding anniversary in Beverley Hills Chakra Indian Cuisine. The event was attended by Who is who in Los Angels Telugu community. A surprise guest to grace the occasion was Ms Celina Jetley who was a heroine in Dr Mohan Babu's banner. In addition there were a number of Hollywood movie industry people that work with Ms Laxmi Prasanna also attended the function.

Laxmi Prasanna and her husband Andy cut a delicious cake while her both brothers: Vishnu and Manoj along with her parents were present to greet the couple and shower their best wishes. Mr and Mrs Suresh Bajaj from Bombay is also graced the occasion.

The prominent LA Telugu community leaders that graced the occasion include: Dr Shanti & Dr. Prem Sagar Reddy, philanthropist and medical professional; Dr Moham Mallam ATA ex-prseident, and Dr Komminneni, a prominent doctor. Mr Lex Reddy of Prime Health Care was among present.

Dr Mohan Babu thanked all his friends who flew in from various part of United States of America: Dr Ramesh Peramsetty CEO of Alabama Family Medical Clinics, Dr Sridhar R Korasapti, Vice President of Telugu Association of North Texas(TANTEX), Vijay Bandla, Ravi Chanda from New Jersey and Suresh Perugu from Orange County in addition to all the community leaders who were there to bless the couple. At the end Ms Laxmi Prasanna expressed gratitude for her dad, family and all the people who attended the function. Vishnu also thanked the guests and Sri Balakrishna and Sri Raghavendra Rao who wished Ms Lakshmi prasanna over the phone.



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