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Saturday, August 4, 2007


It is well aware that Ram Charan Tej, son of Padma Bhushan, Mega Star, Chiranjeevi is making his debut through ”Chirutha”, directed by versatile director Puri Jagannath and produced by Chalasani Aswani Dutt on the banner of Vyjayanti Movies.

There were lots of expectations on the film, especially by Mega and Power Star fans, in particular and the Telugu audiences in general. Noted Bollywood dress designer Vikram Phadnis is working for the movie. Vikram Phadnis had organised a fashion show at a Fashion Bar in road No. 2 of Banjara Hills in Hyderabad.

The participation of Ram Charan Tej has become a centre of attraction for this show. For the first time he had an encounter with the media at this fashion show.

Are you a party folk? Do you go to parties frequently?

No. I am not a party guy. I am still a boy and am just 20-year-old.

Then, why did you attend this party?

Because of Vikram Phadnis. He is the designer for ‘Chirutha’

What is your style?

This is my style, just as you watch me.

What should be done to be stylish?

You should be like yourself, without imitating others. That would be your style.

Who is your roll model?

Who else. My dad.

Tell us about your attachment with your dad?

For me, my dad is everything. He is not only my father, but also my guide, my teacher, my friend, my well-wisher, philosopher and what not. Without him, I am just a zero. I am a normal boy sans his stature and image.

Which of the films do you like most of your dad?

Oh. There are many. Of them, I liked ‘Khaidi’ and ‘Abhilasha’ most.

Which of the films of your father you don’t like?

I don’t like ‘Big Boss’.

Who is your favourite actor?

Of course, Dad! But I also like the Brad Pitt style and his dressing sense.

Do you watch movies?

Yes. I love to watch films. However, I watch mostly the Hollywood films and art films.

Which would give you immense pleasure?

Horse riding.

What your favourite pastime?

I play with my pet ‘Jack’.

What is your favourite food?

I like continental and Indian food.

What is your favourite hangout?

Fusion Nine Pub

Finally, how would be ‘Chirutha’?

As was expected by everyone. Thanks and bye for now.



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