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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Exclusive interview with Puri Jagannath

Though he did very few films, versatile director Puri Jagannath had earned a vast image. Even as his debut film was a flop, Power Star Pawan Kalyan gave him an opportunity to direct him for ''Badri'' which brought Puri Jagannath into limelight as director. Now, Puri Jagannath turned a producer and making the film ''Hello Premistara'' with Sairam Shankar as hero under the direction of Rajkumar. He had a chit-chat with Indiaglitz wherein he revealed his feelings about the film.

Mr Puri Jagannath! Will you please explain about your forthcoming production to our readers?
Oh. Sure. I liked the story narrated by Rajkumar. In fact, he told the story to Dil Raju earlier and the latter had directed Rajkumar to me. He told me the story and I listened to it. The way he narrated the story is quite convincing and he also told me with a lot of conviction. It is a nice, simple and cute love story. So, we both are making the film together.
What the hero is up to in this movie?
He keeps telling lies. (A smile). Basically our hero works in a mobile network, while the heroine is a TV anchor. She is to anchor a programme called 'Hello Premistaaraa…'. The love story that runs between these two forms part of the film.
There are thousands of love stories on the Telugu film industry. How your film would be different from others?
If I explain the difference, the story gets leaked. I should not talk anything about the story as it leads to revelation of the story. It would be better that you should watch the difference only on the screen.
How was Sairam Shankar's performance?
Definitely, there was a good maturity than his debut film '1-4-3'. For me, he looked better in this movie. But it is the people (audience) who should give judgment after the release of the movie. (A smile)
Though you are a director, you gave the directorial responsibility to some other person and you just remained a producer. Why so?
I have plans to produce small budget films from 2008. When Rajkumar came to me with a good story, I turned a producer now itself and launched the production.
How could you believe a new person and allowed him to direct your movie.
Rajkumar is a proved director. He remade the Telugu film 'Varsham' in Tamil. Moreover, a producer should believe the director. Like a man believes his son-in-law and gives away his daughter in a marriage, a producer should have more confidence on his director. I forgot to mention one point earlier. Earlier in our Telugu film industry, there was a lot of respect for the producers, because if a producer makes a film, at least a few hundreds of families could earn their daily bread for at least three months. But such producer had now turned just an ATM machine or a cashier. In order to ensure honour to the producer, I have turned a producer.
How Rajkumar brought out the movie?
Like how he narrated, Rajkumar moulded the story as it is on the celluloid.
As a director, you worked with several producers. Now you turned a producer and how were you treating Rajkumar as director?
Being a director, I know what kind of problems directors face. So I took steps that my director should not face such problems in those circumstances.
Tell us about the highlights of 'Hello Premistara…'?
It is a very good story. Chakri gave melodious tunes and brought out a good audio. Rajkumar also moulded the film on the celluloid well. We shot the film in Hyderabad, Kolkata and Pollachi. My brother Sai performed well and this film would definitely give him a good break as his performance would be a plus point. Heroine Sheela also performed well. After watching her performance, Dil Raju booked her for his forthcoming film with Allu Arjun under the direction of 'Bommarillu' Bhaskar. However, this is not a film with action backdrop which could make the hero a star overnight. As I told you earlier, it is a simple, nice and cute love story. Three of the songs were choreographed by Raju Sundaram, while Pradeep worked for one song. Sunil, Brahmanandam, MS Narayana, Bhanuchander, Malllikarjuna Rao, Ali and others are in the cast.
Did you give any suggestion to the director as producer?
I told the director only one thing. My brother was not a big hero. Hence I told him to restrict the footage.
Are you sure that the film would be a hit?
Any producer will make the film with a view to make it a hit. If it will not become a hit, I myself will produce another film with Sai as hero. He should become a hero. That is my aim. Each film would give a different colour to the hero.
Instead of making films with your brother, how about making a film with yourself playing a hero?
Yes, it can be done. Each director will have a hero in him and vice-versa. But, the other personality should not come from one personality. Which means, everyone should do their job and should not try to handle the other job.
What are the basic qualities of a director?
A director is nothing but a presentation. He should have good knowledge over the films. He should have a complete grip on the story and at the same time, who should perfectly utilise the common sense. Above all, the director should be able to convince the producer. Of course, one can take up direction without any of these qualities.
We learnt that you are going to direct Prabhas for 'Shadow'? Can you tell us about that movie? Did you watch any of Prabhas' films earlier?
Yes, I am doing a film with Prabhas, but it is not 'Shadow'. I almost stopped watching the Telugu films for the past 16 years. Of these 16 years, I watched only a few Telugu films like 'Hitler, Indra, Mugguru Monagaallu and Okkadu.' When we get inspiration from English films, we better watch those Hollywood films. Isn't it?
What kind of films do you like to bring out?
I have a strong ambition to bring out a total realistic movie. Of course, people won't watch a complete realistic subject on the screen.
Tell us about your forthcoming release 'Chirutha'?
'Chirutha' audio is being released direction into the market on August 21. Film would be released next month. I can't reveal anything more about 'Chirutha'.
Do you have any aim or target as a director?
No such targets or aims. We hang on a rope called success as long as we have the patience. Once we lose the patience will leave the rope. After that my phone would not ring. No one would come to me to direct a film and even you will also don't visit me.



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