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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

"China's film censors upset about new Jackie Chan movie"

Chinese officials have expressed concerns about scenes involving Chinese gangsters in Jackie Chan's new action police comedy ``Rush Hour 3,'' casting doubt on the movie's release in the country, a Hollywood trade magazine reported Tuesday.

Variety magazine said on its Asia Web site that Chinese officials believe ``Rush Hour 3,'' which features Chan and Chris Tucker combating Chinese gangsters in Paris, is ``fundamentally anti-Chinese.''

The ``Rush Hour'' series revolves around the racial humor derived from the pairing of a Chinese (Chan) and black American (Tucker) police officer.

China's Film Bureau often asks foreign filmmakers to edit scenes they consider offensive. Censors recently cut scenes of Chow Yun-fat depicted as a bald, scarred pirate in ``Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End,'' saying the images insulted China's people, state media reported.

The Chinese government carefully screens foreign media content and allows in only about 20 foreign films a year.

Variety said Chinese officials won't offer filmmakers a chance to edit ``Rush Hour 3.''

Chan's JC Group owns the distribution rights to ``Rush Hour 3'' in Hong Kong and China. JC Group Senior Vice President Solon So said Tuesday New Line Cinema was in charge of distributing the movie and he did not know its status in China.

New Line Cinema has not yet commented on the Variety report, and China's Film Bureau did not answer inquiries.

``Rush Hour 3'' is scheduled to be released in the U.S. Aug. 10.



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