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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bommalata Child Artist From Uppal to best child actor

If any child achieves any sort of miracles then, the tears of joy by the concerned parents gives more pleasure and happiness. Master Saikumar’s happiness is also same like. This child artiste won the National Award as a best child actor. But, his parents knows only it is an amazing success. However, they do not know who gave this award, why this award has been given, and where it will be given to his son. When the producer and director tried to tell that boy about the award they could not get his address. He is a poor boy resident of Uppal in Hyderabad. His father runs barber Saloon. Child artiste master Sai Kumar expressed his views about the film Bommalata.

Congratulations to you Sai for achieving the National Award as a best child actor in the film Bommalata.

Thank you very much sir.

How did you get chance to act in the film Bommalata?

I do not know anything about the acting in the films. I was studying in Uppal High School. My Chinni uncle came to me and asked me will you act in the film and he took me to Prakash Sir. He taught me how to act in front of the camera.

Your parents did not object you from acting in the movie?

No but they felt very much happy. My mother still felt more joy. But they have doubt on my education for which I told them I will study at nights and I proceeded further.

What your father and mother do?

My father’s name is Thurai Dasarath who runs barber saloon. My mother Vanaja is a house wife. I have two sisters. Now I am studying in 8th class. When I was acting in the film Bommalata I was in 6th class.

What is your role in that film?

My name is Ramu in that film. My mother dies and father goes away from the house. I used to collect garbage in the early mornings for my daily bread. At the same time I used to see many of the children of my aged group going to school holding school bags and I used to feel agony because I also like education very much.

Did you frighten by seeing the camera first time?

No I did not frighten. Moreover I performed as they said.

Are you studying well now?

Yes I get first class marks even now. Though my father could not able to pay school fees Principal will not do anything. Further, he likes me very much for attaining good marks.

After you grow up what do you want to become?

First I complete my degree and then I want to become as an actor.

Who are the hero and heroine you like very much?

The style of Allu Arjun I like very much. Heroine Shreya also I like. She acted along with me in the film Bommalata.

How do you know about the award?

My Chinni uncle told me about the award when I was staying at my grandma’s house in Koti.

What you have done the amount you got from the producer of the film Bommalata?

I have given to my father and he paid my entire fee which was due to school. Now to complete my degree studies Prakash Sir told me he will pay the entire fee up to degree for which I am very thankful to sir.



  • Dear Madam,

    This is Drishti Chanchlani aunt of Siddharth Hinduja who is 10 yrs old.

    Thanks for reading my mail.

    The reason for sending you this mail is that we want to promote our kid as a child artist for films or for daily soaps, he is very smart and intelligent at the same time.

    If you want i can send you his profile and his photos.

    Many Thanks and Regards,



    By Anonymous Anonymous, At September 4, 2007 at 11:54 AM  

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