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Monday, August 6, 2007

Asha Bhosle sings her 2nd Telugu song after a long gap

Asha Bhosle is one of the greatest playback singers of all times. She was in town recently to sing a song in the music direction of KM Radhakrishna for the film Chandamama directed by Krishnavamsi. This will be her first Telugu film song and second Telugu song ever. Earlier she sang a song in the music direction of Rajan Nagendra and that too a non-filmi song. KM Radhakrishna was all in praise about the renowned singer. The appreciation was mutual. Asha Bhosle was all in praise for the music director too. She confesses that it is the composition that prompted her to sing. 'I sang a few songs here and there in Tamil and Malayalam but not much in Telugu. Even though I got offers, somehow they never worked out. Now I feel happy for singing this song that is composed very nicely', said Asha Bhosle. She also commented that Radhakrishna has bright future and will become a great musician. This particular song was penned by Anant Sriram and runs as Naalo Vuhalaku Naalo Voosulaku.



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