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Monday, July 9, 2007

'Yamagola' in shooting of song

Canning of a song is in progress for 'Yamagola' (Mallee Modalayindi) directed by Srinivasa Reddy and produced on the banner of Frames Entertainment with Srikanth, Venu, Reemasen and Meera Jasmine in the lead at Ramanaidu Cine Village in Nanakramguda of Hyderabad involving all the four lead stars.

The song — 'Aadukovadanik O Papa Kaavaali… Kanipedathava Kanipedathava…' scripted by Bhaskarabhatla and tuned by Jeevan Thomas is being canned on the lead pairs under the choreography of Pradeep Anthony.'

Hero Srikanth says, 'I am doing a never before role in this movie. I appeared as 'Arjuna' for a few minutes in 'Ghatotkachudu'. But in this film I have played a full-time mythological role. It is a socio-fantasy subject and a good entertainer.'

Heroine Reemasen says, 'I am very happy to act in this film. Especially the subject and the cooperation from the members of the unit was encouraging.'

Another heroine Meera Jasmine says, 'This is my first combination with Reemasen and we have become good friends. The shooting is like a picnic and we are enjoying the shooting.'

Director Srinivasa Reddy says, 'We have completed shooting of talkie part. Presently a song is being choreographed on Srikanth, Venu, Reemasen, Meera Jasmine and some other dancers. We are planning another song from July 11. With this we will wrap up the shooting. We will launch the audio in the second week of July and release the film on July 27.'

Heroines also spoke at the meeting.



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