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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Vandana is Srikanth’s wife

The Madras High Court has restrained popular Tamil actor Srikanth from evicting his wife Vandhana from his residence. Justice V. Ramasubramanian passed the interim order on a suit filed by Vandhana to this effect.

Two months back both the families of Srikanth and Vandhana approved of the marriage of the two and agreed to have a formal ceremony the 18th of June. After all the arrangements had been made, they found about the court cases that she had and her family had on their head. Consequently, Srikanth’s father called off the marriage.

A little while later, the latter stormed into Srikanth’s house claiming that, him having married her in temple in Kakinada, February 7 - 2007 - she was legally his wife and had a right to stay in the house. In opposition to this, Srikanth filed a case against the police against which she counter filed a case. The case was taken up by the court.

After validating the evidence, Justice V. Ramasubramanian - the presiding judge - ruled that Vandhana was indeed the legally married wife of Srikanth and so she had a right to stay in his house. Their marriage was filed in the office of the marriage registrar in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh.



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