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Friday, July 20, 2007

UTV produces in Telugu- ATIDHI

Its time again in Tollywood to welcome a new member into the production family. Not from Tamil Nadu or Kerala but, this time its from Bollywood. Yes, the prestigous production company is now all set to start productions in Telugu.

“Rang De Basanti”, “Lakshya”, “Khosla ki Ghoda”, “Swadesh”, “Dhee”, “The Name Sake”, and “Life in the Metro“-all these are the prodoctions of UTV. “Jodha Akbar” with Hrithik Roshan and “Fashion” with Mathur Bhandarkar are the projects in process for UTV. Also, UTV has plans for starting TV channels in regional languages out of whch there is Telugu also. And the good news is that Mahesh Babu has already been signed by UTV for three films which come up to 55 crores. This comes as a really gud relief for Tollywood which is upset with soo many tensions.While Attollywood predict that this is surely gonna improve the present condition of Tollywood, there is also large error for lack of proper cooperation from the film circles.

Anyways, let’s wish UTV all the best for its step in Tollywood.



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