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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Trisha's temple demolished, Trisha Gallery

Trisha's temple demolished, Trisha Gallery

Trisha's fame and popularity are at the peak right now in Telugu. That is probably one of the reasons why an over-enthusiastic fan decided to build a temple for her.

The incident happened near Rajamundhry. The fan didn't want to spend much from his pocket and therefore began to collect money from others. Finally, it reached the ears of the local police. They weren't amused by this new style of showing devotion to actresses, however popular they might be. They came to the spot and demolished the half-built temple.

Years ago, in Tamilnadu, fans of Khushboo constructed a temple for her. That was demolished too but not before "pujas" were performed.

It looks as if Trisha or the secretary of her fan club is slowly trying to spread her fan-club base to AP too!



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