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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Titles are getting too CRAZY

Giving comical names to films has become order of the day. A film with the title 'Thinnama.. Padukunnama.. Thellarinda..' has already been commissioned. Ali is playing the lead role in the film.

It was Mahesh Babu's famous quote in the film 'Pokiri'. Another film 'John Apparao 40 Plus' has gone to sets recently.

Comedian Krishna Bhagavan is playing the title role. A play with the title 'John Apparao' drew many crowds in North Coastal Andhra. This play lampoons those Hindus who embrace Christianity, as felt by some. If that is the case, 'Seema Sastry' may lampoon Brahmin community.

Another film with the title, 'Chikkadu –Dorakadu' is getting ready. Comedian Venu Madhav is playing the key role.