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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Telugu Movie 'Rs 999 Maatrame' finishes 70 per cent shooting

Directed by Parsa Mahender on the banner of Never Nine Creater, 'Rs 999 Maatrame' completed 70 per cent of the shooting.

The story of the film will go like this. Four unemployed youths make several efforts to get a job but could not succeed. Frustrated over the problem, they take a decision. What were the repercussions of the decision is the basic story of the movie. There are no songs in the movie.

However, the film will have only background score, which means there will be only re-recording. The director made the title justification during the climax.

The film had already completed two schedules and the third schedule is slated to begin from July 12 and would continue till July 24. With this the film would complete the talkie part.

The film unit thanked producer Cherry and director Yeleti Chandrasekhar for cooperating well in the film production. Kautilya, Prabhakar, Anil and Madhu are being introduced as heroes through this movie.



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