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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tamil Hero Dhanush's Polladhavan ( mixed of action, romance and entertainment) Team Idea to releasein Telugu too

Dhanush and Divya’s Polladhavan is no action flick. Polladhavan is a mix of action, romance and entertainment, says director Vettrimaran.As Per The Gossips it is also to be Releasing in Telugu.

A couple of years ago, Rajnikanth played the title role in Polladhavan. It was an action-packed flick. But the new version of Polladhavan would be totally different. Polladhavan is about a youth and his aspirations. Hero turns violent after all his attempts to realize his dreams fail, says Vettrimaran.

Poonam Bajwa was initially cast as Dhanush’s lady love on Polladhavan. Later Kajal Agarwal replaced her. Now the buzz is that Divya aka ‘Kuthu’ Ramya has replaced her.

Asked why a replacement, Vettrimaran says, “Unfortunately all the heroines had one problem or another. We finally settled down for Divya. We though Divya would fit the role well. As expected, Divya has come up with a strong performance.”



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