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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sneha Says 'Actress' Means 'Problems'!

Heroine Sneha says that once a girl becomes an actress, she is bound to face problems. Taking to a Tamil magazine she said that an actress has to face problems from different segments of society apart from finding craze in fans.

"I define 'actress' as a 'problem'. Actresses see many problems from home front as well. We have also seen a few actresses those ended up their lives due to problems from family front. But I'm lucky to have great parents who understand me in all the ways. I have seen some problems in my public life, but the support extended by my family members is really good in that aspect, with which I came out from worries. Hence I only heard about the family problems of actresses but never experienced them anytime", said Sneha.

Sneha is now pairing up with Raja in the film directed by Giri Babu.



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