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Saturday, July 7, 2007

“SATYABHAMA” is a blatant COPY of 50 First Dates

Once again a blatant copy of Hollywood film is seen light on Telugu screen. As Per the News The newly released film “Satyabhama” starring Bhoomika & sivaji is proved to be a straight copy from the film “50 First Dates” in which Adam Sadler and Drew Barrymore played the leads. It is pity that the film is copied straight along with scenes and dialogues. No novelty is seen and the director also made it a bad show despite copying.

Story of the Movie is...
Krishna Kumar (Sivaji) is a sculpt who lands up in Goa. He spots Satyabhama (Bhumika) and promptly falls in love with her. He even proposes to her and she asks him to meet the next day. When he meets her the next day, she fails to identify him. He realizes why she is not able to recognize him. He goes through several hurdles before making her parents agree to the marriage. Now it is the turn of Krishna Kumar's parents to turn down the girl. Why does Satya keep forgetting who Krishna Kumar is? Did Krishna Kumar finally get to marry her? Watch the film on silver screen to realize the plot.

Satyabhama is loosely based on Hollywood film 50 First Dates. It is in fact, a tough deal to adapt the film and to make it convincing for Telugu nativity. Srihari should be applauded for making this possible and making it a good entertainer with the required changes incorporated. The first 20 minutes of the film is mediocre. But then the film gets interesting and makes the audience glued to seat. Even though he is a debut director, he is 100% successful in delivering a good entertainer. The best part of the film is that even if you saw the original flick (50 First Dates), this film still feels refreshing. Also, he made sure that there is nothing served in overdose. Every ingredient is mixed in right aspects. Also, there were several scenes in the film that are sure to touch the heart. Though the film gets emotional at times, fun part is never missed.

The best part of the film is apt star cast. Sivaji and Bhumika are apt in their roles. They are a big plus point for the film. Most part of the film revolves on the main lead and they did justice to their roles. His comedy timing is good. Bhumika excelled in her role. After Missamma, she scores big with this film. In short, the lead pair delivered superb performance.

Chandramohan as Satya's father. Melkote as her grandfather and Ravi Babu as her brother did a fantastic job. Sivaprasad, though appears only for short time as Sivaji's dad, did a good job. Sunil as Peter Subbarao is hillarious in his role.

Though the songs in the film are average, background score is excellent. Hello Madam Satyabhama remix version is decent. Rest all songs are okay. Cinematography is good. Editing could have been better.

Overall, Satyabhama is a clean and neat family entertainer. Barring one song, there is absolutely no obscenity or vulgarity in the film. This film can be enjoyed with the entire family.
Cast : Sivaji, Bhoomika
Music : Chakri
Producer : VenuGopal, Srinu
Banner : Lucky Media
Story & Screen Play :Srihari Nanu
Action :Ramana



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