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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Renu Desai says he did not married Pawan Kalyan

Power star Pawan Kalyan was shooting happily for his new movie till his ex-wife Nandini filed a case against him on Bigamy.

These are the twists and turns from the day she filed a case against Pawan Kalyan.

Day one (26/06/07): Pawan Kalyan’s ex-wife Nandini filed a case in Vizag metropolitan court against Pawan Kalyan saying that he didnt divorce her till day and has married Renu Desai. She also asked for a compensation of 5 lakhs per month. She also filed a case on 14 other family members of Pawan Kalyan who included Chiranjeevi and Naga Babu with regard to this issue.

Knowing this case Pawan Kalyan left Ramanaidu film studio in a hurry where he was shooting for his new film.

Day two (27/06/07): The whole love story of Nandini and Pawan Kalyan came into lime light. They both first met at Satyanand Institute in 1997. They loved each other and got married in the same year at Shiridi temple. But after one year of married life they seperated due to differences.

Day three (28/06/07): The personal details of Nandini came into lime light. She is the daughter of Chkradhar Rao who is involved in 14 cases of real estate fraud. She hails from Visakhapatnam.

Day four (29/06/07): The court asks both the parties to submit evidence before 26th July. Pawan Kalyan’s family tries to settle the case outside the court by trying to pay Nandini and family a huge amount of 8 crores. But Nandini didnt accept this money.

Day five, day six and day seven (30,01 & 02/07/07): Inquiry was going on regarding this issue.

Day eight (03/07/07): Megastar Chiranjeevi met a senior politian and asked him to help his brother during an informal dicussion.

Day nine (04/07/07): Renu Desai today gave a stunning statement saying that she is not married to Pawan Kalyan. She also gave her Poona address in her reply. According to our film nagar sources it was Pawan Kalyan who made her say this to escape unharmed from the case.

But what will happen to Pawan-Renu only child Akira???? Why did she do this???? Why did she give such a statement????What will happen to Pawan Kalyan???? Will Chiranjeevi get involved in this???? What will Nandini get out of this case???? Will she be benifited???? There are many questions to be answered but they can be answered only after the case is solved. So lets wait and see for the end result.



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