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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Raju Sundaram to direct 'Joru' forRaviteja for

Raju Sundaram is well-known among the audiences as a good choreographer and also as an artiste with his role 'Madesh', brother of Aiswarya Rai, in 'Jeans'.

Moreover, Raju Sundaram is the brother of another noted choreographer, artiste and director Prabhudeva. Now, this choreographer decided to turn a director and prepared a very good commercial story with several mass elements.

He narrated the story to mass hero Raviteja and the latter too liked the story very much.

Aditya, who had produced 'Jagadam' on the banner of Aditya Arts with Ram as hero under the direction of Sukumar, had come forward to produce the film. As everything is in place, the film is ready for launch.

However, Raviteja is now busy with a film under the direction of VV Vinayak. After the completion of the current project, the film under Raju Sundaram's direction would go to sets.

'Joru' is the title under consideration for the film and the director is now busy in preparing the script.



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