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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Press sees Dasavatharam

The producer of Dasavatharam, Oscar V Ravichandran, recently had shown some rushes of the movie to few presspersons. The move was to gauge the reaction of the press. But looks like Kamal is not at all happy with the idea. And with the press leaking the closely guarded secret of the nine roles that Kamal dons in the movie, the actor's discontent further intensified.

Nine of the ten roles have so far been filmed and the team is tight-lipped about the tenth role. It is these nine roles that were shown to the press, that too the raw version sans any technical effects. According to the press, Kamal is unidentifiable in all the roles, except the one where he is himself.

In one of the roles, Kamal appear as a 90-year-old lady with a hunchback and will have the audience awed. He was completely unidentifiable in the tribal leader role, for which he appears in a dusky complexion. In yet another one, he can be seen as a 70-year-old with a fair complexion. For a villainous role, Kamal appears tall and fat with a longish face. There was also a comical looking Kamal with Mongoloid features, most probably a Chinese or Japanese. A middle-aged Kamal is another character in which he cannot be identified. The American President George Bush character is a class of its own and needs to be seen to be believed. But, to satisfy those ardent Kamal fans, the actor appears in his usual self.

According to the story, Kamal and Asin go in search of a particular thing and the people whom they come across during their journey are the other nine characters. The most interesting feature is that the hero, villain and comedy roles are all played by Kamal.



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