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Saturday, July 7, 2007

PRAKASH RAJ Takes 1Crore for a Tamil Film Directed by SHANKAR

Verstile actor Prakash Raj is a familiar face in both Telugu and Tamil films. He is an actor par excellence and can portray any role with ease – be it a villain or a doting father. Most of the films in which Prakash Raj starred have done well at th box office. All this has made him the number one choice as villain or character artist for many producers and directors.

Well Prakash Raj’s hard work is finally paying off. He has reportedly bagged an offer to act in a Tamil movie being produced by Shankar and guess what? He is being paid a whopping Rs. One crore for this film, yes One Crore. Well that is more than what many of the heroes are still trying to reach.If The News is Correct, It may be Great time for PrakshRaj



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