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Thursday, July 5, 2007

NTR's Growing Beliefs On Bhakthi and Astrology

NTR's bhakti and belief on Astrology is growing day by day. Well, that came from his grand father as many would opine. That's true to some extent. NTR's mother Shalini is a Kannada Brahmin (many assume her wrong to be Muslim) who is keen on religious aspects.

So he took certain interests from mother as well. The recent Rahu-Ketu Puja in Kalahasti and taking steps as per Vaastu experts (he sold out his house in Jubilee Hills as per Vaastu advice) are the results of his beliefs due to brought up.

He is now busy with 'Yamadonga' and hopes are pinned on that in big way. NTR also changed his life style these days. He is waking up very early in the morning like is grand father unlike before. Regular work outs and keeping away from alcohol are his life style features now. That's how he can sustain his slim silhouette.



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