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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mahesh Babu POKIRI celebrated 175 days in TAMIL too by name POkkiri with Vijay, Gallery of Celebration- WEB SITES Ignores it

Mahesh Babu's POKIRI in Tamil, Vijay’s 'Pokkiri' 175 Days Celebration Gallery,

Vijay’s Pokiri film 175 days function Gallery - 175 Day celebrations of Vijays film “Pokkiri” Movie Gallery

Pokiri(Pokkiri) Silver Jubilee function was celebrated in a grand manner. The event was held on Sunday at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Chennai. This sparkling event had many celebrities including Ilayathalabathi Vijay, Padmashri Dr.Kamal Haasan, Asin, K.Balachander, P.Susheela, Sandhya and Sneha.

Websites ignore Vijay film celebration.
The prominent film websites of Tamilnadu have boycotted the celebrations of Vijay’s film ‘Pokkiri.’

S Ramesh Babu produced ‘Pokkiri’ for Kanakaratna Movies. It has been running in one theater as a day show for the past 175 days in Chennai. Considering this a feat, the producer conducted a grand celebration yesterday at the Nehru Indoor Stadium.

After the work on the film was complete, the production company gave information, photos and trailers to Internet websites for promotion purposes abroad. But the production company has refused to invite any of these Internet sites for the film’s celebration.

After seeking the help of these Internet sites for the film’s promotion, the company has now forgotten these very sites after their work got done. This is like hindering collecting of information for the news department of the websites.

So all the websites have got together and decided to have nothing to do with information on any films made by Kanakaratna Movies, any Vijay film or publicity stills.



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