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Monday, July 16, 2007


Mysore (ACP&MRS) - Style King Rajnikant’s super hit Sivaji which evoked tremendous response when it was released worldwide on June 15, has failed to elicit similar response in city, where the film is being released in three theatres tomorrow.

Managements of Rajkamal, Sangam and Sterling theatres had made elaborate bandobust expecting huge crowds. They were expecting to see Rajini fans sleeping on the pavements last night itself so they could procure the tickets first thing in the morning, but there was no such fan frenzy.

To the disappointment of the theatre owners, there were no crowds to pick up tickets. In fact when the sale of tickets began this morning there was hardly a line, let alone a crazy crowd, stampede, Abhisheka to the cutouts of the star and breaking of coconuts outside the theatres.

Rajkamal theater

The only theatre where somewhat of a crowd had gathered was Rajkamal, where a couple of people were standing at the ticklet counter since 6 am this morning. They too seemed disappointed that they unnecessarily came so early thinking there would be a rush.

One person who came early said, “if I had known that there was no rush for tickets, I would have enjoyed anohter two hours of sleep”.

Ticket sales began at 7 am and was relatively peaceful. Tickets for all the four shows in Rajkamal were sold out, but not in a rush. The theatre has 224 seats in balcony, 602 in I class and 80 in middle class.

Sangam theatre

At Sangam theatre, the tickets for 261 balcony seats were sold out for all the four shows. Tickets for only morning and matinee shows were sold out for the 598 seats in first class. Tickets for only morning show were sold for the middle class. There were no takers for the remaining three shows when the counters were closed.

Sterling theatre

The sale which began at 7 am was still on even at 12.30 pm as there was no demand. The managements of these theatres have decided to stop advance booking due to poor response.



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