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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lakshyam set to hit the TARGET

The first and foremost goal of any filmmaker is always revenue and next comes the success factor. Of course, there is a version – If success comes, automatically the revenue follows. However, the target is the same. Some films come with hoopla and remain for a week or two, and suddenly taking the loop or altogether disappearing. Some films make steady progress in spite of divide talk and make it to the list of blockbusters. The recently-released Lakshyam surely comes under this category. On the first day, it generated divide talk with stress on its average-ness. But, the fact is the film continues to pull the crowds in big numbers at all the released centers. Director Sri Vaas succeeded in gripping screenplay with good commercial elements, though the story is criticized for being routine. Gopichand’s action, Anushka’s glamour and Mani Sharma’s music have armed the film with the required stamina to become a good hit in the coming days. Producer Nallamalupu Bujji and captain Vaas are on cloud nine with the film getting sudden charge from the audience.



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