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Monday, July 16, 2007

“Lakshyam” poses a challenge to “Sivaji”

Rajnikant’s “Sivaji: The Boss” continues to enjoy its initial lead, made possible by its release in over 300 theatres across Andhra Pradesh, but the blockbuster faces a real challenge from “Lakshyam”.

The top five Telugu films are:

1. “Sivaji”: Rajni’s charisma extends director Shankar’s honeymoon with the audiences. It appears only a matter of time, however, before “Lakshyam” replaces it in the top slot.

2. “Lakshyam”: Only a mass entertainer like this one could have proved a match for ‘Sivaji’. Dashing Gopichand enthralls the viewers as the angry young man on a mission of vengeance, with Jagapati Babu providing just the professional touch the theme demanded. Anuahka adds all the glamour to the flick.

3. “Dubai Seenu”: The Ravi Teja-Srinu Vytla comedy now face stiff competition from “Lakshyam”. But “Dubai Seenu” has what it takes to give “Lakshyam” a run for its money in the days to come.

4. “Aaduvari Maatalaku Arthale Verula”: Competition has made the Venkatesh-Trisha comedy lie low in the list. The film, however, still draws crowds in theatres throughout the state.

5. “Satyabhama”: The Sivaji-Bhumika story, with a sand sculptor as its hero, seems to be made for the urban audience. It won’t be a surprise if the film picks up in the days ahead. Source:mangalorean



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