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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Haranath Says Keeravani music, Krishna's performance are highlights for CHANDRAHAAS Movie

Popular NRI producer and artiste, Dr Haranath Policherla produced a film called ''Alex'' in which he himself played the hero. Again he produced a film ''Chandrahaas'' under the direction of Sivashakti Datta. Though Dr Haranath was in a big position as a doctor in the US, he came to India with an interest on acting and started producing films on his own. On the occasion of the release of his latest film ''Chandrahas'', he had a chitchat with Indiaglitz. Here are the excerpts:
What are the specialities of 'Chandrahas' film?

The story in itself is something special. The story was prepared on the sword gifted by Tuljapur Bhavani Mata to Chatrapati Sivaji. The entire story revolves around the sword.

Can you please explain in detail about the subject?

'Chandrahas' is the name of the sword gifted by Tuljapur Bhavani Mata to Chatrapati Sivaji. We adopted the same name as the title for our film.

What is the relation between the sword and the story of the film? What we mean to say is how do you do the title justification?

That sword is very powerful. If such a sword falls in the hands of any person what would be the consequences? If they are gentleman, it will be okay. If they are crooked, the consequences would be unimaginable. If it happens would be the result is the subject of the movie.

Why did you choose Krishna alone for Sivaji role?

If you watch Krishna in Sivaji's get-up you just get a feel that he was born to don that role alone. I watched him in the get-up twice in his earlier films and I strongly believed that no other artiste could do justice to the role other than him. His character would appear in a flashback episode. I really feel very fortunate when he agreed to play the role in our film. Really he is a great artiste.

Why did you choose Sivashakti Datta as director for the movie?

It is he who prepared the story. I sincerely felt that he alone could do justice to the subject and others can't explain what all that is in his mind on the screen. When he was narrating the story, I could visualize the scenes just in front of me. We trusted him totally and handed him over the responsibility of directing the film. He too did cent per cent justice to his job.

Briefly tell us about the music in the film…

There is no need for a special mention about Keeravani and his music at this hour and stage. The music scored by him is the highlight of the film. Moreover, the director of the film Sivashakti Datta is none other than Keeravani's father. Keeravani always pays obeisance to his father as the first teacher for him. Hence, he gave fantastic music for the film and paid his 'Guru Dakshina' to his father. Moreover, Sivashakti Datta had taken the responsibility of providing story, screenplay, dialogues, lyrics and direction for our movie.

Tell us about the lyrics, tunes and songs in the film?

Audio was a big hit. All the duets evoked good response. Likewise, the song choreographed on Sivaji character, 'Tribhuvana Janani… Tribhuvanaavani…' is quite heart touching. Performance of Krishna, music by Keeravani, and the directorial ability of Sivashakti Datta would enthrall the audiences. There is a very good scope for re-recording in the film and Keeravani scored more points on this count. The re-recording elevated the mood of each scene.

What about action scenes in the flick?

All the fights in the film were composed by Fight Master Horseman Babu. I could not believe my eyes while watching the rushes whether I only did those fights or not. He did a tremendous job in this aspect. All the fights were composed in a marvelous way.

What are the other specialities of the movie?

Here I need to mention an important point in the subject. There was a wrong notion among the people that Sivaji is against Muslims. But we proved that it is a wrong notion. Sivaji's knight (Senapati) is a Muslim called Hyder Ali. At least 30 per cent of his army were Muslims.

Tell us about your role in the film?

I am the 16th heir of Sivaji's clan. Astha Singhal paired up with me in the female lead. Abbas is playing another important role in the movie. Besides, Puneet Issar, Sarat Babu, Sujata, Brahmanandam, Venumadhav, Sana and others are in the cast. We had a wide debate on the unity of Hindus and Muslims in the movie. It is a very good socio-fantasy movie which could be watched by the entire family by sitting together. I wish the audiences would bless our effort and make the film a big hit. Good day!



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