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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dream Girl “Trisha” in tears! - Tamil Hero Vijay made her calm down!, Trisha Gallery

Dream Girl “Trisha” in tears! - Tamil Hero Vijay made her calm down!, Trisha Gallery

The dream girl of the south ‘Trisha’ was not invited for Tamil Movie Pokiri(REMAKE OF TELUGU POKIRI) function and was not sent an invitation card either. She had a strong belief that they will call her in the pinch of the time before the function could start, or at least the hero of the movie will give her special preference and call her through phone and invite her. But since that did not happen in her case, she almost started crying like a baby. isnt it ? The dream girl’s mother almost tried all her tricks to calm down the actress. she then called Vijay regarding this and told him about her daughters feeling and how she cried. Hope she didn't make a complaint for this? ah ah..!

He spoke to Trisha too, while making her mom also calm down. Both mother and the daughter accepted the reasons which Vijay gave and started slowly calming down. In between all this confusions, they have also raised cut outs and banners for Trisha on the day of Ultimate star Ajith’s new release ‘Kreedam’. It is a known issue for the people that both Ajith and Trisha fan club members had a bing bang and one on one since the Ajith fan club members gave opposition for raising Trisha’s cut out. Ajith fans started saying that Vijay only is playing this game of asking them to keep banners for Trisha and creating a fight amongst them. Cant find who are these warewolfs?….! Some strange group who enter into the theatre where ever Kreedam movie is running and itseems they are continuosly producing a howling sound which even disturbs the audience. Crazy wolfs…!

It is surely ‘them’ said the Ajith fans with irritate and anger!

This issue is gone to the hands of the police department.



  • Vijay (Joseph Vijay Chandrasekhar, born on 22 June 1974) is an Indian leading Actor, Playback singer, Producer and Brand Ambassador, and acted in many Tamil films. Vijay initiated his acting career in the main role for the film ‘Naalaya Theerpu’ in 1992. Vijay acted in 53 films as a lead actor, and as guest appearance and other roles in some Tamil movies.

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