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Sunday, July 1, 2007


Mega star Chiranjeevi has been rattled by the case filed by Nandini, the first wife of Pawan Kalyan. The entire family is distressed over the issue. While those close to them say that the family is also to blame for the issue. They did not do anything about Nandini and encouraged Pawan and Renu Desai.By default, this amounts to welcoming and encouraging Pawan Kalyan. The biggest problem for Chiranjjevi is his image both on and off the screen. He has played Good Samaritan roles in films coming to the aid of people in distress. He has also played elder brother in films and has been shown as helping his wayward brothers to mend their ways and come up in life. Now his fans want him to do the same thing. All this is making Chiranjeeevi to make amends. According to the family members of Nandini, Chiranjeevi and Allu Aravind are sending feelers to settle the issue amicably out of court. They are ready to pay compensation to Nandini so that she can withdraw the criminal case. They are now ready to pay up to 10 crore for an amicable settlement.



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