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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Doctorate announced to Veturi

Veturi Sundarama Murthy is known for scripting fantastic lyrics. He could pen a lyric with an exclusive classic touch or for a mass beat. His pen has the ability to write any kind of song that was needed for any kind of film.

Especially, the following songs would show the versatility in his writings. In 'Pratighatana' he wrote a song on the greatness of motherhood… 'Marmasthaanam Kaadadi Nee Janma Sthaanam, Maanavathaku Mokshamichu Punyakshetram.'

While his verse for 'Seethakokachiluka'… 'Nuvvu Pattu Cheera Kadithe O Puttadi Bomma… Aa Kattubadiki Tarinchenu Pattupurugu Janma…' displays the relationship between the nature and a girl is marvellous.

He effectively gave a message to the people in his verse… 'Manishai Puttina Vaadu Kaaradu Matti Bomma…' for 'Adaviramudu'.

He could pen a song 'Raagam Taanam Pallavi…' for a classic film like 'Shankarabharanam' and at the same time give a tune for a mass song 'Aaresukoboyi Paaresukunnaanu…' for 'Adavi Raamudu'.

He has his own style and could attract all classes of audiences with his memorable lyric.

The Nagarjuna University had announced an honorary doctorate for this great lyricist which would be awarded to him on August 3 at its convocation.



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