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Monday, July 30, 2007


Going by the overall performance of the film at the box office, “Shivaji” has turned out to be a big hit and has recovered its costs for the producer.

But ever since the film was released, there were talks that the film did very well simply due to Rajni Kanth and the charm that he still holds on the audience. The audience and the industry alike said that there was nothing new in terms of directorial input- everything in the film was already seen before in almost all of Shankar’s film.

What was initially known as Shankar’s film then gradually became Shankar-Rajini film and is now simply known for Rajinikanth’s blockbuster hit.

Rumors are on that Shankar isn’t all that happy with it and has now decided to re-establish his image by making a film with rank newcomers.

Will this one be like “‘Boys”?



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