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Sunday, July 1, 2007

CBN raised about $140000 for NTR TRUST in San Francisco Bay Area

Bay Area Telugu Community and NRI TDP hosted a meeting to “meet and greet” Sri. Nara Chandra Babu Naidu on June 29, 2007 at Sunnyvale Hindu Temple, Sunnyvale, California.

Bay Area Telugu community in coordination with NRI TDP in the Bay Area hosted an evening to meet with Andhra Pradesh (AP) Former Chief Minister Sri. Nara Chandra Babu Naidu (CBN) on June 29, 2007 at Sunnyvale Hindu Temple, Sunnyvale, California. The venue was filled with yellow color banners, balloons, cutouts, posters, and people with yellow color outfits. Scores of Bay Area Telugu People have come to the events couple of hours ahead of the program start time. Due to which, the auditorium was full well prior to starting the event. It was noticed that hundreds of people were juggling to find standing room in the auditorium. The banners and posters in the auditorium depicted the various programs (such as Janma bhoomi, NTR Trust, Medical Camps, Distribution of food, etc). The stage and auditorium was filled with decorated like a wedding stage by artistic way of using yellow color balloons and other items.

When CBN and his colleagues found to be arriving to the venue, a huge bicycle rally took place in front of their vehicles. Up on arrival, CBN and his colleagues personally met all the activities who were on bicycles to greet and welcome the team. The participants chanted the slogans in support of CBN - samples of slogan were: “Janmabhoomi kavali..meeru malli ravali”, “Visionary leader, CBN jindabad”. Roads in the vicinity of the venue were totally crowded with people who eagerly waited to greet CBN. CBN and the team first welcomed by the Temple priests. After worshipping the dieties in temple, CBN team went to the meeting venue, which was already jam packed waiting for him. The attendees welcomed CBN and the team by chanting slogans in support of his vision and leadership.

The program was kicked off by a dance(kids) composed for a song composed on "CBN, NTR achievements and NTR trust activities and accomplishments" and dance was directed by Srilu and Vijaya and then Mr. Sathish Ambati(MC of event) stated that CBN last visited Bay Areas was about 14 years ago, and it is our fortune to have him back here tonight with us. CBN in his main speech made a special mention of this dance indicting that he was very impressed with the talent, understanding and dedication of the kids to telugu culture and tradition. Mr. Satish Ambati welcomes CBN and the team on to the stage. Mr. Ambati mentioned that “CBN is a leader with vision and great courage to make difference. CBN always thinks about people. CBN recognized the Information Technology as a future 14 years ago, and started many programs that helped hundreds of people in AP and India as well as in USA”. Mr. Ambati invited Sri. Nagam Janardhan Reddy said Nagam is great leader in opposition and always exposes Govt of AP failures and Sri. Erraballi Dayakar Rao, Sri. Garikapati Rammohan Rao, Sri E.Peddi Reddy, Sri. Dhulipala Narendra kumar, Sri. Lakkireddy Hanim Reddy, Sri. Satish Chilkuri, Sri. Jayaram Komati, Sri. Suresh Reddy Vuyyuru onto the stage.

Prior to starting the main the program, CBN and the team on the stage paid homage to historic telugu leaders Sri. Kandakuru Veereshalingam, Sri. Alluri Sitaramaraju, Sri. Potti Sree Ramulu and Sri. Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao (NTR) by lighting the pushpanjali (candle lights). Mr. Ambati, CBN and all speakers on this occasion recognized the tremendous contribution made by each of these historic telugu leaders for preserving and promoting telugu language, Telugu culture and telugu people and formation of Andhra Pradesh state.

During CBN speech, he praised success of all telugu people in Bay Area as well as through out the world. CBN stated that his vision and goal is make telugu people be the best and first among many others in all areas throughout the world. CBN mentioned that the support that he has received today makes him and his team worked harder day and night to make his vision a reality. Through out his speech, CBN mentioned that he wanted to Partner with NRI’s through Social Services Wing (NRI TDP), promoted NTR Trust (Non Profit Organization), shared his experience as Opposition Leader, explained initiatives and Plans for Youth Involvement, and solicited NRI’s Advise in Setting Goals & Policies. CBN attributed the success of TDP to the founder Sri. NTR. He said NTR is not a single person; NTR is an institution to promote wellness of all telugu people. CBN requested all NRI’s to make contributions to the mother land (Andhra Pradesh and India) for helping to provide education, health, and jobs for all.

During this event, Dr. Lakkireddy Hanim Reddy, Sri. Nagam Janardhan Reddy, Sri. Satish Chilkuri, Sri. Jayaram Komati, Sri. Suresh Reddy Vuyyuru, and other spoke on the stage praised CBN’s vision and leadership.

During this event, when CBN explained the purpose of NTR trust and requested the support, the audience reciprocated by pledging their support, and over $140,000 (one hundred forty thousand) dollars were received. Sri. Jayaram Komati set the stage by contributing $25,000 followed by $25,100 by Lakkireddy Jayaprakash Reddy. The program went until the midnight and pledges were kept on coming from the audience through out the program. The entire program was filled with high energy. CBN and the team entertained Q&A session, which provided opportunity for many of the attendees to ask questions and hear the answer/feedback straight from CBN. CBN thanked the attendees and program organizers for having him here and supporting his vision and leadership.

Among many others, BATA executive committee felicitated CBN with a shaluva. Also, Shankara Eye Foundation felicitated CBN on the stage. At the end of the program, CBN patiently stood on the stage for personal pictures with many of the attendees and donors.

Though out CBN tour in the Bay Area for last three days, many of the local telugu community leaders organized meetings for CBN. Bay Area Organizing team consists of Suresh Reddy Vuyyuru, Satish Ambati, Yugandhar Reddy, Ramesh Mandalapu, Vijaya Aasuri, Srinivas Vallurupalli, Bhakta Balla, P. Ramakrishna, Ramesh Ragineni, Srikanth, Vikram, B Chandra, Alimineti Janga Reddy, Karun Veligeti and many others have actively participated in making arrangements for CBN meetings in the Bay Area.

Event food is sponsored by Peacock and Swagat Restaurants in Bay Area and Event Hall is sponsored by Sunnyvale Hindu Temple.



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