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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Brahmanandam Called Mohan Babu 'Ox'

Certain times the similes (comparisons) in speech put down the persons although the intention of the speaker is to glorify them. Similar thing happened during the audio release function of 'Yama Donga'.

Brahmanandam, during his speech, said, "We have two oxen on this dais. One is Mohan Babu, the Ongole Ox and the other is NTR, a tiny calf that is actively jumping".

Although the intention of Brahmanandam is to glorify the strength of those two actors, the comparison with animals sounded inappropriate for many of their fans. But there is no uproar during the event and everyone maintained their poise. Even Mohan Babu and NTR are quite while Brahmanandam was speaking.



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