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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Melody queen KS Chitra Celebrates BirthDay

Melody queen Chitra was born in Tiruvanantapuram in Kerala State. She rendered over 15,000 songs in all the south Indian languages including Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Oriya, besides Hindi and Bengali languages and enthralled the music lovers with her mellifluous and eloquent voice.

Like a flower leaves a sweet smell right from the time it blossomed, Chitra learnt classical music from her father Krishnan Nair in her childhood.

Later she took a BA degree in music from Kerala University. She bagged the third rank at the university level. She had finished her MA in music under the guidance of Prof. Oman Kutty. It may be a surprise but true that she completed her MA degree with the scholarship she earned with her selection through National Talent Search.

Later, Prof Oman Kutty introduce her to his brother MG Radhakrishnan, who was scoring music to films in Malayalam film industry.

She gave her first voice to a song in a film 'Attahaasam'. Noted Tamil music director Illayaraja introduce her to the Tamil film industry and her first film in Tamil is 'Nee Daana Anda Kuyil'. However, she became very famous across Tamil Nadu with her song in 'Sindhu Bhairavi'.

She had also bagged a national best singer award in 1986 for the song in that film. Later, Chitra bagged a fixed place in the hearts of audiences with her Hindi song 'Sathiyaa.. Ye Tune Kya Kiyaa…' in 'Love'.

She also rendered good songs in 'Ax, Ashoka, Rangeela' and other such films. Chitra also bagged National Best Singer award for a Malayalam film in 1987 for a Malayalam film 'Nakhakshathangal', in 1989 for another Malayalam film 'Vaishali', in 1996 for a Tamil film 'Meen Saara Kanavu' in 1997 for a Hindi film song 'Virasat'.

However, the Kerala government had awarded the Best Singer at State-level for more than a dozen times. When it comes to Telugu, no one could identify that she was not a Telugu and a Malayali.

She won the hearts of Telugu audiences in such a great way. This melody queen had celebrated her birthday on July 27.



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