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Monday, July 9, 2007

Aamir Khan words about Rajni, Suriya in Ghajni

Known to speak his mind, Aamir Khan, in his popular Lagaan blog, talks about the superstar and how he decided to do the Ghajini remake.

Recently Aamir Khan called up Surya on the phone and congratulated him on his excellent performance in the Tamil superhit movie Gajini.

Surya told Aamir, who is playing Surya’s role in the Hindi version of Gajini- that no other actor in Hindi would be suitable for the role other than him.

Aamir says he was persuaded by Surya and accepted the role after the director agreed to change the final 30 minutes including the climax of the movie. Aamir says Asin who performed extremely well in Gajini was the only choice and no other actress was considered for the role.

Aamir was in Chennai at A.R Rahman’s studio along with lyric writer Prasoon Joshi and director Murgadoss, composing music for his remake of Ghajini.

Aamir says he went for the remake due to the insistence of Suriya who believed that he would do complete justice to the film. Aamir plans to change the climax for the Hindi version, as he was not very impressed with the original.

He also talks of Rajinikanth in his blog. He shares his experience when he met “Rajni garu” on his flight to Chennai and his great love and admiration for the superstar. “He is the guy who really rocks,” says Aamir.



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