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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Aa Roje unit claims fantastic success

The unit of “Aa Roje” today claimed that the film is released to "fantastic" openings which defied their expectations. The film is made on Sri Mahalakshmi films banner. Direction is by KS Kumar and producer is Vinod. Kumar said that though the movie is made with a shoestring budget, it proved that the audience would surely support and patronage movies with good entertainment. He thanked the producer for all his cooporation. “Brahmanandam is the real hero of the film when its commercial success is concerned. We are amazed to hear hoots and whistles as and when Brahramanandam makes his presence on the screen. That is the power of this great comedian who continues to entertain the audience having finished 350 films. We are expecting the film to complete its 10 weeks run.” Hero Yashwant said that the movie would sure give him a break. Heroine Sowmya, who did a lead role in Hinglish film Angrez said it is a rewarding experience working for this film.



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