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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Aa Mte Success meet

Aa Roje, with Yashwant and Sowmya in the lead with Brahmanandam in a pivotal role under the banner of Sri Mahalakshmi Productions was released on June 30.

The director of the film KS Kumar said that the film is running houseful in all release station at a success meet held at the Film Nagar Cultural Club, Hyderabad.

He also added that it was an unexpected hit and all credits go to Marudhuri Raja's dialogues plus the contribution of Brahmanandam. He added “I am indebted to audience who made Aa Roje a bit hit. Our happiness knew no bounds when the audiences stood up and cheered Brahmanandam. The film will definitely run for 10 weeks."

Hero Yashwant thanked the audience for all the love. Sowmya expressed her happiness that her first Telugu film is a hit. Fight master Prakash thanked Kumar and Vinod for giving him the opportunity to work in the film.



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