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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Srikanth (Known well as Sriram in Telugu) Vandana Secretly Married?, Photos - More

The Srikanth-Vandana romance is full of so many mysteries and betrayals that it will become a special article in itself.
Alleging that there were many cases of fraud against Srikanth’s fiancée Vandana, his family broke his engagement to Vandana. So Vandana gate crashed into his house saying she was already married to Srikanth and she would live with no one else but him.
Srikanth’s parents filed a police complaint that Vandana had entered their house without permission. In retaliation, Vandana released a photo album showing her marriage to Srikanth. She also told the media that she and Srikanth had been in love and had a registered marriage.
Vandana is actress Trisha’s friend. In 2005, she celebrated her birthday on May 9 at a 5 star hotel. Srikanth was with Trisha at this party. That was his first meeting with Vandana. They met after that and fell in love. Srikanth is a Tamil Brahmin and Vandana is a Telugu Reddy. Saying that his parents would not consent, Srikanth tied the knot with Vandana on Feb 7 at Venugopalaswamy temple in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. This wedding was arranged by a distant relative Geetha without the knowledge of Srikanth’s parents. The marriage was conducted by guruji Kedar Eshwar Rao. Witnesses were Vandana’s parents and the marriage was registered formally at Kakinada. .
Vandana has the marriage certificate as proof. On coming to know of the marriage, Srikanth’s parents wanted to hold a formal wedding function as if the marriage was something new. Before that could happen, the cases of fraud against Vandana’s family came to light and caused confusion.
Vandana says she has been living with Srikanth as man and wife. She accused that Getha who helped arrange the marriage was demanding 10 lakhs as dowry and was trying to sabotage their marriage.
Vandana’s parents have produced the marriage certificate to the police and asked them to re-unite Srikanth and Vandana.
What does new bridegroom Srikanth have to say? He does not refute his marriage to Vandana but says he was not a husband in the true sense. (Does he expect us to believe that?) But he’s wailing that Vandana is a fraud whose family was trying to get his family into problems and that his life was in danger.
He wants a formal divorce. It is 4 months since they got married and divorce can be filed after 6 months. Vandana’s parents accuse that’s the reason Srikanth and his parents were dragging on over the formal wedding arrangements. That’s the reason Vandana just moved into Srikanth’s house.



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