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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sivaji Review The story of Success

The movie has everything that the trailers had promised. The fun, the lover, the terror and the boss. Let’s put it this way, you get the first two in the first half and the last two in the second half.
Story :Sivaji is about how an NRI who wants to help the people cannot do it due to several hindrances. Half way thru sivaji is bankrupt and the Villain gives him 1 re. to abuse him. but Sivaji takes that as a capital and Starts a lone man battle against the corrupt. He tries to take out all the black money, Make it into white ones(u should see how he does that) then he starts doing good for the people.

1st half was full of Style, romance and more style but no substance. the comedy in the first half is enjoyable. Second half is where the story starts to pick up and goes in a fast pace. Viveks comedy is excellent.he has equal footage with rajni in the first half.Vivek and Rajni combine to provide some very hilarious moments. Vivek must come in for special mention for his performance, especially the scene where, he very candidly points out about every spring chicken of the industry trying to become the Superstar overnight, aping his mannerism (watch the movie for the real fun).

The plot of the movie thickens as we get closer to the interval and it is only in the second half that Rajni really unleashes on screen; it’s action time.The second half is all about Rajni and the villains, Suman being the lead antagonist. He has managed to look every inch the ‘wolf in a sheepskin’ kind of character. Dressed in white and white, sporting a wide smile, this might just become the new stereotype look of the Tamil villain for some time to come. Villains cannot get more handsome. The script moves at an express rate here, with twists and turns. Not at one point does the tempo of the movie drop. In between, there are some very interesting comic interludes involving Solomon Pappaiah (you are bound to laugh every time he appears on screen) and a few other comic scenes to offer some relief from the tense main plot.
Performance wise Rajni is awesome especially in the confrontation scenes with Suman and raguvaran.

Shriya comes and goes in the songs where one must say she looks gorgeous, but there is a very thin line between glamour and vulgarity and here the lines seem to have blurred. The high points of the first half however must be the songs.

The choreographers – Brindha and Prabhu Deva respectively have done a great job.

You don’t see such things normally in a Rajni movie. The climax (of course you know who had the last laugh) is easily the best and the most exciting part of the movie. Though defying superhuman powers, the fights choreographed by Peter Heinz (we are intentionally calling the fights choreographed, you have to see the movie to understand) and the extremely lavish sets created by Thotta Tharani stand out. Camera work of K.V.Anand is first rate through out, Antony’s editing is crisp and Sujatha’s dialogues are rock solid.

Nayanatara looking so hot. Sujatha`s dialogues is another strength to the movie. Scene where Suman makes fun of Rajini is another gem by Sujatha. Magic with little words and its Sujatha for you.A.R.Rahman’s songs are being lapped up by the audience with background score adding substance to the narration. Shankar, the architect of the product should be applauded for raising the bench mark of a Rajini movie. Future directors might find it even more challenging to script the Superstar in the future.

It’s an absolute celebration of one man who can make millions feel good about life just by walking in elegance, by stroking his hair, or just by being there on screen. It is a celebration of the unmatched STYLE of our SUPERSTAR.

Vivek`s rockbottom career is going to be revived with this movie where he is there with Rajini in most of the scenes. Office Room comedy scenes and La Ka La Ka scenes STAND OUT!! still laughing thinking about them. .... He even has a couple of punch dialogues. Suman has been a revelation in terms of Villain. Speaking fewer words and with no over the board shouting, he has done a wonderful job.

The message in the movie and the final slides on the screen as names roll by is something every Indian would dream for.

As for the minus points in the movie, there is one scene with Shreya and train which is kinda unbelievable. There are slides which are put as the names roll by and they ought to have been included before that coz some people may miss that.



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