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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sankar Dada Zindabad Heroine is Karishma Kotak from Mumbai

The much Publicity grabbing “Shankardada Zindabad” Heroine is finally confirmed. The film is almost done with the shooting BUT minus the female(lead). Even though till recently there were twists and turns on the issue of heroine finally Karishma Kotak(obviously imported from Mumbai) has been announced as the heroine officially. Karishma Kotak is one of the models of the supposedly prestigious Kingfisher calender.

“Shankardada Zindabad” is being directed by Prabhudeva on the banner of Gemini Film circuits. According to close sources it took such a long time because they were searching for a heroine who was apt for the role of Vidya Balan in “Lageraho Munnabhai”. Guys, do they mean that the existing heroines are not fit for the role?? Above all how are they expecting the new heroine to give ‘the’ best while the movie is her debut??? While other sources say that they were searching for a heroine who would suit Chiranjeevi(!!!). And it ultimately made them decide that it was impossible to find someone for Chiranjeevi which forced them to go for some model!!!!
karishmakotak-still.jpgAs all of us know that Vidya Balan was the first one who was supposed to do the role in Telugu also. The film unit also thought they would not need to do any kinda hard work to get out the best from her. But Vidya Balan then dropped out due to some date problems. This was the point where the film unit began shooting without the involvement of a heroine as well started trials for a heroine. And a lill later, names of Asin and Nayanatara were heard of supposedly doing the role. Even though some sources said that Nayanatara was fixed, it didn’t work out. And ultimately Karishma is the one who’’s doing the role.



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